CNN Finally Covers the Twitter Files but Still Can't Admit Reality

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CNN might be making some changes but it clearly has a long way to go as evidenced by its treatment of what’s being called “The Twitter Files.”


The last-place news network finally got around to discussing the information released by Elon Musk in earnest but still managed to CNN it up and lean right into being the propaganda mouthpiece of the Democrat Party it’s known for being with one of the most ludicrous attempts at defense for the Democrats you’ll ever see.

CNN host Poppy Harlow began the segment about the Twitter Files and threw it to Oliver Darcy and Donie O’Sullivan, the former of which explained that the files presented no evidence of collusion between Democrats and Twitter despite that info sitting right in front of their faces.

“The Twitter files, though, they really showed I think the messy content moderation that was happening behind the scenes & I think we’re seeing, & it’s probably no surprise, but we’re seeing not everyone … is on the same page when they’re making these complex decisions.”

“What was really noteworthy was, Elon Musk’s handpicked reporter Matt Taibbi said that there was no evidence of government involvement in trying to suppress this story, and that was a big claim that Elon Musk had made earlier when he was hyping these Twitter Files. I think that’s very important to point out here.”


Taibbi did note that the government did, in fact, warn Twitter that a story was coming down the pipe involving “foreign hacks.” While he does admit that there is “no evidence” of government involvement that he’s seen, just referencing the story coming down the pipe as a foreign hack does suggest the government attempted to influence how Twitter staff viewed it, and thus how they reacted to it.

Moreover, as covered previously by RedState, constant requests for moderation were made between the government and Twitter according to the very Twitter files both Darcy and RedState are looking at. This is even mentioned again in the third installment of the Twitter files by Matt Taibbi who states that Twitter execs were “clearly liaising” with federal officials.


While there’s no direct evidence that the government attempted to interfere in the Hunter Biden laptop story, it’s clear that government officials were in communication with Twitter officials and staff, attempting to bend the social media landscape to their advantage.

This is something CNN has decided wasn’t worth noting, and the general feel from the discussion between CNN reporters seems to be one of passing this off as a nothing burger.

Only it is. The entire story shows a radical bias to the left with Twitter staff working with the government to silence and suppress those whom they disagreed with. This isn’t something one can shrug off while maintaining integrity, but that’s never really been an issue for CNN.

If they were being honest in their reporting, CNN would focus on what is a clear and dangerous bias that did affect the political landscape thanks to political forces meddling in Twitter’s operations. However, CNN’s clear bias has either blinded them to this or is forcing them to try to make a molehill out of a mountain.


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