A Solution to the Illegal Immigrant Problem Mysteriously Appears in El Paso, Texas

The illegal migrant problem is out of control, as our porous border allows thousands of people to stream into the country, with little to nothing to stop them from doing so. The Biden administration hasn’t just done nothing to help; they actually punished Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs.


The solution to the problem is rather simple. More agents and equipment at the border and a wall. All Biden had to do was do what his predecessor President Donald Trump did. Instead, he took the opposite route and instead sent his VP, Kamala Harris, south of the border to ask them nicely.

Needless to say, it didn’t work, and the illegal immigration problem got far worse.

Texas is, by far, the worst state being hit, and countless stories of farmers and ranchers stumbling upon horrific scenes and witnessing crowds of illegals trekking through their land are common. Apparently, someone had had enough and came up with a solution.

If a wall won’t be built, then we’ll erect a fence.

In a video posted by Bill Melugin of Fox News, a fence suddenly popped up in an area where migrants had been steadily streaming across the border and into the state. At this time, it’s unclear who put it up, whether it was the feds, the city of El Paso, or the state of Texas.

Border patrol vehicles can be seen behind the fence, while dozens of illegal immigrants who had expected to get in easily stand waiting nearby it.


No doubt, if border patrol agents weren’t there to guard it, these migrants would be scaling the fence rather easily, but this seems like a temporary fix to a very serious problem. The fact that the migrants are waiting and not turning around to find a different way around suggests they’re still expecting to be let in at some point.

According to WATE-TV, El Paso residents are “on edge,” and for good reason:

El Paso residents living in the area told NewsNation they’re overwhelmed as some migrants are coming onto their properties.

“This has never happened before. Never. I feel very unsafe and not secure at all here,” said resident Carmen Wilburn.

Wilburn cares for her 86-year-old father in their El Paso home. She said she often sees undocumented migrants jumping the fence and running through her and her neighbors’ yards.

“They can hide in the bushes, by the bushes on the side of our house, and so I don’t even want my granddaughter to stay here. It’s scary,” Wilburn said.

Josie Martinez, another resident who lives down the street, said two men who were running through the neighborhood stopped and pleaded with her for a ride.

“They came and they passed, they stopped me, I was getting in my car and they asked me if I could please give them a ride to a motel or somewhere and I told them I’m sorry, I can’t,” Martinez said.


These complaints could have contributed to the fence’s appearance, as the city’s politicians became a bit too uncomfortable with their constituent’s anger. Either way, it’s clear that something needed to be done as the migrants were getting incredibly invasive and dangerous.

Whoever put the fence up is finally doing something that needed to be done a long time ago.


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