Voice Actor Vic Mignogna Was #MeToo'd but His Fans Could Pave His Way Back to the Top

Even if you’ve never heard of Vic Mignogna before, you know his story.

He was a man climbing to the top and his successes were mounting, and then someone came out of the blue and accused him of sexual assault. Soon, others joined in claiming they too were victims of his sexual misconduct, and before you know it, Mignogna found his career in ruins. Like many instances of #MeToo attacks, Mignogna’s accusers have provided no evidence, just claims that get a bit sketchy upon closer inspection.


Mignogna was one of the most famous voice actors in America, especially in the English dub anime sector. He’s known for such roles as Broly in “Dragon Ball Super,” Edward Elrich from “Full Metal Alchemist,” and Sabo in “One Piece” to name a few from the massive pile of credits he’s accrued.

Is Mignogna guilty? Like too many #MeToo accusations, there’s not a lot to go on. My logical answer is, “I don’t know,” and the more I look into Mignogna’s story, the less I start to suspect he is. My gut says “this man is actually the victim.”

What I do know is that the timing of these accusations is a bit suspect. Mignogna was about to be made a producer at Funimation studios, making him something of a boss. Apparently, that didn’t sit well with some of those around him and Mignogna holds that there was a conspiracy to ruin his career to stop this from happening. This was dismissed by a Texas court due to lack of evidence, but I can’t help but think there’s truth to his claim and it comes from my own personal experience when it comes to the voice acting industry.

The long and short of it is that I had been professionally coached to do voice acting work with the intention of eventually landing roles within Funimation. I was stopped cold due to Mignogna’s story and a person familiar with it all telling me that one of the chief reasons they hated the guy was “because he’s a Christian.” Stories of the studio being infested with wokeness only seemed to make that claim more believable.


So am I, and I have a wife and kid. The last thing I want is to be accused of something horrible for no other reason than someone had a bone to pick with my success.

Does this mean Mignogna is done?

Yes…if he so chooses, but it looks like he’s not throwing in the towel.

The other day, Mignogna posted a video that showed how many loyal fans support him and show up for him at any conventions he’s allowed to go to. The comments to these were all stories confirming what many people say about the man already. He’s kind, grateful, and personable. Comedian Chrissie Mayr got to spend some time with the Mignogna and also confirmed everything they said and more. She described all of this in a recent video.

So far, Mignogna’s defenders seem to outnumber his detractors, and his claims that he’s a creep to his fans seem to get shot down every time an actual fan who’s met him attests to his good character.

And that’s where Mignogna will find his reascension. It’ll come from the fans that love him and support him and the colleagues that are standing by him. It’ll come from Mignogna using his influence and presence to lead people into a new place where those with ill intentions won’t have a say.

Love him or hate him, I once watched Tyler Perry accept a BET Ultimate Icon award in 2019, and in the midst of his speech he said something I thought was profound. He chided the actors and actresses complaining about how “Oscars so white” and said, “while you’re fighting for a seat at the table I’ll be down in Atlanta building my own because if I can just build this table I know that God will prepare it for me in the presence of my enemies.”


According to Bounding Into Comics, Mignogna is building his own table and is taking part in creating a new dubbing studio with Anime Matsuri. With the fan’s support, this will grow into a major studio. He’s clearly got them as you can see from responses to his videos, forums showing support for him, and the crowds that gather to see him.

I don’t really see any alternative. People who want to believe Mignogna is guilty will continue to believe he’s guilty. No matter what he says or does, he’ll always be a sexually rabid creep. Any mishap will be exaggerated and any good deed will go ignored. Trying to convince his detractors of his innocence is like trying to swim up a swift river. You’re just going exhaust yourself and drown.

If Mignogna is the great guy people say he is then I hope he succeeds in beating the cancel culture crowd that has tried to claim the likes of Gina Carano, Nick Searcy, and Winston Marshall. I hope his fans carry him to success, and I hope it teaches bigots that they ultimately can’t win. After all, beating a destructive cultural force takes a culture willing to build something great.

Vic Mignogna isn’t done because you say he’s not, and that goes for anyone else they try to bring down because they simply disagree with someone’s beliefs.



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