Leaked Writers Guild of America Invite Shows Intent to 'Reinterpret' Characters Into LGBT Mouthpieces

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Loyal RedState readers will no doubt have a good grasp of the number of legacy characters, established stories, and beloved IPs that have been corrupted, perverted, and twisted by radical ideologues in order to turn them into delivery systems for their own extreme politics.


Oftentimes, they claim they’re doing this for “modern audiences,” but this is a weak excuse, especially since these “reimagined” movies and television shows tend to lose audiences and money as viewers walk away in order to avoid getting preached at by shallow people who hate the moviegoers they’re trying to preach at.

But if you wanted proof that the intent is to inject modern radical politics into previously established characters and worlds, then you can see it below. Gary Buechler of Nerdrotic posted this image below. What you’re looking at is an invitation to a Zoom meeting from the Writers Guild of America, which promotes previously established writers discussing how to go about “reinterpreting legacy characters in a new queer light.”

As Ryan Kinel of RK Outpost shows us in his latest video. This is hardly the first sign we’ve ever seen of this. Referring to a TPUSA article, writers and producers are seen discussing their commitment to “exploring queer stories” within Disney. One executive producer, Latoya Raveneau, says her team implemented a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” to children’s programming. Other figures, including diversity and inclusion officers and even corporate presidents, are seen also explaining how they’ve begun implementing more LGBT standards into everything from movies to parks.


These zoom meeting leaks were all released back in March.



The question some might be asking is why these people would be doing this. The answer is simple.

These pro-LGBT, CRT, etc. narratives can’t be sold to people nakedly. Doing so causes outright rejection of the message, and for good reason. Extremism isn’t something parents want their children to get involved in, and normalization of things like homosexuality and transgenderism is something people largely reject. They would rather their children grow up without “belonging” to a group filthy with activism and child sexualization.

They want their child not to concern themselves with socio-political terms and concepts that they shouldn’t remotely care about for years and years. They want them focused on developing basic skills that will help carry them for the rest of their life. Stopping everything to teach them about things that concern a small group of socio-politically obsessed people isn’t helpful to the child or even wise.

So these same socio-politically obsessed people have to inject their ideas into things people already love and trust as a way to slowly normalize their extremism into children. It might be a small on-screen kiss here or a homosexual meet-cute there, but all of it is building up to teaching your child that all of this is totally normal.


If Disney wonders why fewer and fewer people are showing up to their movies and watching their shows, it’s because people aren’t as stupid as these writers and producers think they are. More and more, parents are monitoring and combing over what their children are watching, and they’re not liking what they see.

If studios continue down this path, then they can expect parents to choke off the cash flow, and the more they accuse these parents and guardians of being bigoted, the more they can expect failures at the box office.


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