This Is Your Brain on CRT: Rutgers Professor Advocates 'End Date' for 'Whiteness'

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Critical Race Theory is one of those things that corrupts everything it touches. The businesses and minds that embrace it tend to lessen and become so ridiculous that they seem to break from reality.


You can see just how asinine the people who subscribe to the ideology get in various ways like YouTube and TikTok, and you would figure that the ideas CRT forces people to adopt would be so out there that it would be considered a “fringe” ideology.

But, sadly, it’s not. The radical left loves CRT because it confirms every one of their biases. It pushes the idea that America is a racist nation, founded by racists, and that everything we know about the nation is a lie because it was told to us by racists. Those who believe in CRT like they would a religion are continuously proven false, but that hasn’t stopped media outlets from hosting people like the woman you’ll see below.

Brittany Cooper, associate professor of gender and Africana studies at Rutgers University, has been hosted on channels like MSNBC where she spews some of the most racist talk you’ll ever hear, but will not be called out on it because she’s spewing the right kind of racism according to the left.

In a recent hit on “The Root,” Cooper is shown to have clearly snorted way too much uncut CRT to the point where she’s now claiming that Africans were peaceful across continents without subjugation. This is demonstrably false as tribes and kingdoms within Africa were known for warring and enslaving one another and were also involved in the slave trade with America. She also claims white people are inherently corrupt and at one point declared that we have to “take these muthaf***ers out.”


This woman teaches young adults.

This was a lot of rambling that simply said one thing: “White culture is oppression and it needs to be terminated.” I’d like to tell you that she just means this white culture, but it’s pretty clear what she means when she says we have to take out people during a rant about whiteness.

It’s pretty easy to see just how poisonous CRT is to the mind. This woman has embraced it so much that she’s not only unapologetically racist, her entire view of history and reality is beyond warped. She lives with a very intense hatred that’s clearly mentally unhealthy.

And they wanted to make teaching this stuff mandatory in schools.

CRT. Not even once.


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