Tucker Carlson Brings up a Very Important Point After Fauci's Disaster of a Final Press Conference

The White House Press Corp is a place where embarrassment is pretty much the only course on the menu, but every now and again you see what can only be described as a smorgasbord of cringe and self-owns. As RedState reported on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got defensive to the point of yelling at reporters after Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked a simple question about the origins of COVID by the Daily Caller’s Diana Glebova.


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It was yet another moment that informed the public of quite a few things. For one, Jean-Pierre is wildly inept at her job. Secondly, they really don’t want you asking Fauci the hard questions. Thirdly, something is really strange about the origins of the COVID virus and the White House really doesn’t want people asking about it.

Naturally, this was going to be discussed by Tucker Carlson on his show. The event warranted a second and third look, and Carlson gave it his signature analysis and torpedoing.

Carlson began by first discussing everything Fauci lied about from denying herd immunity to the efficacy of the vaccines. Carlson focused in on one final lie Fauci told at his very last press conference, and it was a response to a softball question about masks and how people should still keep wearing them.

At this point, it’s unclear why he’s still keeping with that narrative after it’s been largely destroyed, but I digress.

“That’s media coverage?” asked Carlson on the reporter’s mask question. “That’s embarrassing.”


Carlson recapped how actual science has proven that the vaccine is now riskier than COVID and that what Fauci is pushing is the opposite of science.

“But Fauci somehow doesn’t know that?” asked Carlson. “Remember, this is the guy who was funding bat Coronavirus experiments in Wuhan which, at this point, is pretty likely to be the cause of the entire pandemic.”

This is a mystery worth asking questions about, but as Carlson noted, you’re not allowed to ask that question for some reason. Asking it is what led to the blowup by Jean-Pierre in the first place.

Former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was in agreement with Carlson, telling him that the question of COVID’s origin might be the most important one, because it will inform us as to whether or not our scientific community is creating super viruses that threaten the population, and that they’re inept at keeping them locked up to boot.

Gabbard expressed concern over the number of questions hanging in the air that are going unanswered as these communities continue to use our taxpayer dollars to fund research that damages it irreparably.


The theme of this segment is probably one of the most important points of our time, and that’s that we have a lot of unanswered questions lingering from one of the darkest and most authoritarian moments in the modern American age. It’s not okay that we’re not allowed to even ask these questions and makes it all the more integral that we see behind whatever curtain they’ve got covering the truth.

Answered aren’t just deserved, they’re required now. This moment in our history needs far more context, and if necessary, justice.


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