Tech Companies Can See Its Future in Twitter if They Look Close Enough

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Twitter was never a profitable company. It survived off of the investment capital strategy of eating investors’ dollars in hopes that one day it will grow so large that effectively becomes a monopoly and begins bringing in massive amounts of money. Twitter did sometimes go positive in terms of cash flow, but that wasn’t always the case.

That left the company in somewhat of a vulnerable position. Eventually, someone was going to come along and make a very enticing offer and the company would switch hands with quite a few people walking away with a bag.

Thing is, it likely didn’t have to be this way. Twitter spent quite a bit of time and effort not working on innovation, increasing the userbase, or even making the current userbase happier. Instead, it wasted insane amounts of time and money on social justice messaging, advancing leftist causes, and so heavily policing its own user base that it often revolted against the site.

Moreover, the site treated itself more like a year-round summer camp for grown adults. As one former Twitter employee revealed on Twitter, the workplace was rife with luxuries including an on-site chef that created high-quality meals for free and wine on tap.

As RedState has covered, Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, has been tearing off the fat with prejudice, much to the gnashing of teeth and rending of clothing from Twitter employees. Recently, he began making employees pay for their lunches, angering internet denizens. Musk explained in a response tweet that the reaction was bizarre, given the fact that “almost no one came to the office” and that these lunches that few people were actually indulging themselves with cost over $400 a pop.

When one former employee attempted to label him a liar, Musk brought forth the numbers to show just how much money was going to waste.

You might just think this is a Twitter issue, but it’s not. The tech industry is filthy with this kind of waste. One video from a YouTuber “ItsaGundam” made a video commentating on a day in the life of a worker at Linkedin in Chicago.

While not every company is going to have the financial situation Twitter does, too many sink themselves into the same kind of culture which, in itself, is eventually going to cost the company so much money. Be it the wasteful amenities and luxuries or the demands of its woke culture-infused employees that demand the company do things that are against its best interest in the name of “inclusivity” or “diversity” or “advocacy,” money is going to be burned in piles and cripple the company.

Eventually, someone will come along with a lot more responsible approach to running a business, cut the fat without mercy, and whip employees into shape in order to perform a job. Those who aren’t integral to the company will be laid off and those who won’t fall in line will be fired.

The point of any business is to be profitable so that it can maintain and expand. Musk is a leader who has that clear-stated goal and he’s likely going to take Twitter farther than it’s ever gone before if he can get it over the initial hump.

The question is, how much longer will other companies go before the same thing happens to them? If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that these online empires aren’t invincible. Websites come and go all the time and weaknesses are exposed every other day.

All it takes is the gumption of one person to take advantage and whip it into shape.

Let’s hope it happens more and eliminates this woke culture bit by bit.


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