It Looks Like DeSantis Has His Strategy to Fight Against Trump

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Ron DeSantis has found himself in Donald Trump’s crosshairs and many people were wondering how the Florida Governor was going to deal with it.

While it’s infuriating to watch it happen, it was inevitable. Bringing down opponents is a large part of politics and Trump has never been one to go easy on anybody, allies and enemies alike. If Trump has a goal and you’re in the way, he’s going to attempt to bulldoze right through you. It’s been simultaneously a huge weakness and a great strength. The same fight that bruises friend and foe alike is the same fight that elevated America. To be sure, Trump’s presidency did this nation a lot of good and even set the stage for the death of Roe v. Wade.


It’s why Trump still has so many loyal followers despite being two years out of office. DeSantis, meanwhile, has a very loyal following of his own thanks to his incredible governorship of Florida.

DeSantis has proven himself to be everything the left hates. He treats his citizens like adults, defies authority when it’s necessary, and uses common sense as a gauge for whether or not an idea is worthy of keeping or discarding. This especially shined during the pandemic when DeSantis lifted restrictions when it became clear lockdown measures and masks weren’t working.

But it’s that fight that taught DeSantis how to brawl, so he knows when and how to strike. With Trump already beginning to throw out the first punches, we’re now being told what DeSantis’s strategy is to fight back.

And it’s to not fight back.

According to ABC News reporter Katherine Faulders, people close to DeSantis have said that his strategy is to “not engage and he has no intention of responding to the attacks.” Faulders added that this is “sure to anger Trump more” and it’s unknown if this is her own commentary or something her sources told her was the hope of the DeSantis team.


The question is, is this a wise strategy?

It might be good in the short term, but definitely not in the long term. Eventually, Trump is going to say and do something that will force DeSantis to step directly into the ring. Once that happens, there’s no stepping back out. If he doesn’t fire back at some point, it might run the risk of looking like weakness or, at the very least, Trump may say something that might fester in the heart of DeSantis’s campaign unless it’s refuted.

Rest assured, Trump will eventually get his way.

But for now, the strategy is a good one. The shock of Trump attacking someone so beloved as the governor of Florida isn’t exactly playing well for him and DeSantis is letting that move ricochet back at Trump. It’s definitely caused a great deal of controversy that is currently working in DeSantis’s favor.

But again, that strategy won’t hold out for long. Neither man has yet announced. It’s expected that Trump will throw his hat into the ring on the 15th, but DeSantis might be some time away from now given he just won reelection. However, this is DeSantis’s final term as governor of Florida, meaning that his iron is the hottest it will ever be and if he doesn’t strike now, it might be too cool by the time 2028 rolls around. His chances of announcing are high.


Trump and DeSantis clashing is, at this point, inevitable and the two men are already playing the game against one another.


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