Even CNN's Exit Polls Spell Doom for Democrats

AP Photo/Ron Harris

While it’s generally unwise to put too much confidence in exit polls, the interesting part about these is that they come from CNN. That bastion of centrist thought still maintains as one of the most leftist sources in America, but even a news outlet that’s so blue it looks like someone chewed the wrong piece of gum in a Wonka factory can’t seem to hide the overwhelming distrust and disgust America has for the Democrat Party.


The polls indicate some very basic things. For one, support for Biden is incredibly low as his approval rating limps in at a measly 18 percent, and a whopping 46 percent say his policies are hurting this country. However, almost half of those polled said that Biden is no factor for them when heading to the voting booth.

That belongs to “inflation” at 32 percent. The CNN poll indicated that “abortion” comes in second at 27 percent.

In fact, most of the economic questions asked by CNN indicate some pretty negative attention toward the party in charge.

The rest of the polls play out exactly how you think a CNN exit poll would. Trump is bad, Roe v Wade’s collapse is bad, Republicans are bad, etc., but in the face of economic distress, many of the factors outside of it don’t become a chief concern. It’s hard to care about immigration and gun policies when you’re having a hard time putting food on your table.


It’s safe to bet that some of the Democrats didn’t vote for Democrats this time around, because not every Democrat is so extreme that they’re willing to risk a roof over their heads and food in their child’s mouths for first-world issues. The disapproval toward where the country is at is pretty well agreed upon by a majority of voters from the left to the right.

If even CNN can’t hold back the flood of anti-Democrat sentiment with its exit polling, then the theory that the red wave is going to get some blue assistance holds a lot of water.



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