The Church of Climate Change Is Going to Fall Off Hard If It Keeps Up the 'Chicken Little' Act

The radical left is full of insufferable groups, but there’s something special about the single-issue voter that is the climate alarmist.

I’ve never been able to look at these folks as anything less than a cult. Their constant belief that the world is going to end because mother nature abhors a Republican in office would be hilarious if the Church of Climate Change wasn’t so influential in American politics, or more egregious, the entirety of western media.

But for all their power and influence, even they have a limit on how ridiculous they can be before people start tuning out. Funny enough, in the year of our Lord, 2022, they’re finding it. Destroying priceless art and sticking your hands to walls and floors is definitely not going to get people on your side, for one.

But neither is putting an autistic girl with a penchant for dramatics up as the church’s mascot. Yet, this is what they do.

No sensible society would look at Greta Thunberg as someone with any authority in the climate change debate. She’s not even capable of sitting down and having a well-informed argument with actual scientists. She is, through and through, the emotional argument for obedience to the Church of Climate Change.

As my colleague Bob Hoge recently wrote, Thunberg is only buckling down on her position as a saint for the CCC and this is coming with some weirdness that the average person probably isn’t going to bite down on:

My name is Greta Thunberg, I’m a climate activist from Sweden and I want to use my platform to share the truth about the climate crisis, to tell the full story.

…I created the Climate Book. With over 100 contributors, it aims to tell the full story of the crisis we face. And I started it about two years ago when we were in the beginning of the pandemic, our societies were undergoing massive changes with the purpose of keeping people safe.

At that time, many people were already talking about going [makes quotation marks with her fingers] “back to normal.” But we are never going back to normal again.

Because “normal” was already a crisis. What we refer to as normal is an extreme system built on the exploitation of people and planets. It is a system defined by colonialism, imperialism, oppression, and genocide by the so-called Global North to accumulate wealth that still shapes our current world order.

I don’t trust major corporations and government any more than the next guy, but two things ring out here that would make anybody take a step back.

For one, the system she’s complaining about is capitalism. Complaints about “the system” could be heard by Marxist groups from top to bottom. The idea is that to save the world we need to replace the capitalist system with one that’s never worked before and likely will do nothing to stop the climate change issue, which isn’t really an issue to begin with.

As they continue to panic about the sky literally falling, more and more people are beginning to understand that manmade catastrophes aren’t scheduled like the church likes to make it seem. Every time doomsday is supposed to come it never does, and every time nothing happens, fewer people buy the lie.

But the other thing she said that makes the church less believable is this idea that we live in original sin, which is what Thunberg pushed by saying “normal” was a crisis. She’s saying that us living as we always have is dangerous, only strengthening the idea that you’re constantly sinning. You’re doing it now as you read this just by having your heater or A/C on, possibly consuming electricity, forcing the coal or natural gas plant near you to crank out more energy. In a minute, you’ll probably get in your car to drive to a store for food. More sins will be committed as you expel exhaust from your car and bring home plastic-wrapped items in plastic bags.

How dare you, sinner?

So not only is Thunberg being dramatic, she’s being unrealistic. She wants you to join her in making society become more druidic and pre-industrial.

The better idea is to allow technological progress to continue as it naturally should. I don’t know a single person who wants to live in a polluted world. Clean air, water, and land is a goal we all can work toward, but that means trial and error. For every mistake, a solution, for every solution and advancement forward. Eventually, we’ll learn to live alongside our natural habitat with minimal impact. Technological breakthroughs are always around the corner.

But we won’t get there if we adhere to the CCC, which not only wants to stop the progress capitalism affords but wants us to begin marching in directions that likely won’t allow humans to embrace both nature and technology.

Thunberg, like every alarmist, is her own worst enemy.


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