Liz Cheney's 'Most Important' Work According to Her Is a Good Example of Why RINOs Have to Go

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Soon-to-be not Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming is reflecting back on her time as a lawmaker and weighing her impact based on various things she’s done. Cheney isn’t exactly well-liked within the Republican Party due to her single-minded crusade to take down former-President Donald Trump, causing the people back in Wyoming to feel a bit left out of the equation.


Sure enough, according to The Hill, when it comes to the “most important” work Cheney feels she’s done, she’d say her work on the January 6 committee was at the top of the list:

“I’m very proud of the work that we’ve done and of my fellow members of that committee. I think it’s probably the most important thing I’ve ever done professionally, and absolutely crucial for the functioning of our democracy going forward,” Cheney said during a speaking event at Harvard University.

She also added that certain Republicans are questioning elections and, as they like to make clear, that’s not allowed…on the Republican side:

“And we have many candidates today, Republicans, and it pains me to say that because I have been a lifelong Republican, but candidates who say they will only certify elections that they agree with. That’s the end of democracy,” she told the audience at Harvard.

This is likely in reference to Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake who has been dogged by the mainstream media over “election denial.” Lake simply pointed out how questioning election results that seem shady isn’t a horrible thing, and recently made the mainstream press regret asking her about it by pointing out the hypocrisy of Democrats continuously denying elections in very recent history.


Cheney’s words should be a solid lesson to Republicans going forward. The work she should be the proudest of should be her service to the people of Wyoming. It was, after all, the thing she was elected to do and the job she enthusiastically campaigned for in the beginning. However, she admitted that the thing she’s most proud of is something that’s personal to her.

It wasn’t about service to the people, it was about scratching her own itch and fulfilling her own purposes. That selfishness even caused her to turn against her own party in order to fulfill what she wanted.

It wouldn’t be right to say Cheny has no principles but she certainly is willing to put her own grudges first and work with the radicalized parts of the Democrat Party to do it. Cheney is no better than the people who spend an inordinate time in office trying to find ways to increase the size of the government and grow their own power. The people of Wyoming were right to vote her out as she’d become, for all intents and purposes, useless.

At this point in time in our history, the goal of Republican voters isn’t to elect bipartisan politicians who go along to get along like they’ve done in the past too often. Their goal is to send warriors to elected offices who won’t be policymakers but policy un-makers. They want to send people who will be more than willing to take the media’s barbs in order to get what needs to be done accomplished without worrying about what the left will say.


We need more lot more Lakes and fewer Cheneys.


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