Emmys Fail: 'TVs Biggest Night' Has Lowest Ratings In Award Show's History

And the award for lowest-rated Emmy Awards in history goes to… 2022’s 74th Emmy Awards.

The steady decline of viewership for award shows seemed to turn around in 2021 when the Emmys attracted at least a little bit of a larger audience than in 2020, but it would appear that this was a temporary bump as 2022’s ratings were the most abysmal in the award show’s history.


According to Variety, Monday’s Emmy Awards, hosted by Kenan Thompson, beat 2020’s abysmal ratings in terms of lowest viewership, setting a new record:

Last night’s show drew 5.9 million total viewers compared with last year’s outing on CBS, which netted 7.9 million. That’s a new low and in stark contrast to the 2021 show, which marked a reversal in the Emmys’ steady decline in audience size. Last year’s Emmys saw a 16% gain of viewership over 2020’s historic drop-off of 12% with 6.37 million viewers.

There are two main explanations as to why this happened.

For one, the Emmys was competing with the very first Monday Night Football game of the new season. As Bounding Into Comics noted, unlike the Emmys, the Seahawks and the Broncos had attracted a much larger viewership that the glitterati:

The third-most-watched MNF game since 2009 and the fourth-most-viewed regular season game since the league began broadcasting on ESPN in 2005, Russel Wilson’s losing debut as the Denver Broncos QB against his former Seattle Seahawks teammates ultimately drew in 19.9 Million viewers – a staggering 236% more than the Emmys.

Secondly, Hollywood’s popularity is at an all-time low. Watching virtue-signaling celebrities who — as Ricky Gervais once said: “know nothing about the real world” — pat each other on the back as they preach coastal elitist values to you isn’t something most of America wants to endure, especially since they’re not watching most of the drek these people tend to create.


Hollywood squandered the goodwill of the people who pay to see their movies and tune in to watch their shows by continuously telling them that the people they vote for and the values they believe in are evil while they themselves turn around and engage in pedophilia, drug addictions, and massive amounts of hypocrisy and ignorance.

Fewer and fewer Americans have the time and patience for it. They’d rather watch men at the top of their game compete with one another, or if that’s not available, anything else at all.

Despite this being obvious, Hollywood celebrities still haven’t learned their lesson and until something drastic happens, I’m not sure they ever will. They’ll continue to lose viewers for their award shows, movies, television shows, and more, and in their place will rise a celebrity that the people can actually get on board with. It’s already beginning to happen, and the sooner it becomes its own goliath, the better.


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