Dana Loesch Points out the Hypocrisy of Anti-Gun Groups After Armed Antifa Members Brandish AR-15s

Show up legally with a legal firearm and you may wind up with your picture posted by an anti-gun group on Twitter telling everyone how dangerous it was for you to show up wielding your weapon. You’ll be called all sorts of names, accused of all sorts of horrendous things, and be one more reason America needs to restrict firearms in this country.


That is until you’re wielding firearms for causes they can get on board with, then it seems to be okay.

As RedState previously reported, a group of Antifa thugs stood guard outside of a drag show meant for children.

The show featured men dressed in drag, most of whom danced provocatively in skimpy clothing in front of children as parents encouraged them to hand them money. The Antifa members were there to intimidate anyone from getting too close and protesting what was going on, but it didn’t exactly work. Protesters still went through them to argue with attendees directly.

But you’d figure these self-righteous anti-gun groups would be all over the assault weapons of war with the clips that shoot 10,000 rounds a second and could blow a lung out right?


As radio show host Dana Loesch points out, there wasn’t a peep from the anti-gun groups.

“Notice how none of the Bloomberg-created anti-2A mom groups had one critical word about Antifa open-carrying rifles at an ‘all ages drag brunch,'” said Loesch.


“They always threatened to SWAT open carriers, just wondering where their devotion to their cause is here,” she added in a follow-up tweet.

Loesch brings up an excellent point. The purpose of the anti-gun groups, especially “Moms Demand” and “Everytown USA,” is to preach that the mere presence of guns makes everyone unsafe and that they should be eliminated from the population, and the rights of Americans to bear them should be restricted. However, when leftists wield firearms, it would appear that these groups suddenly go silent.

Just like every other leftist advocacy group, they’re very selective about who gets the outrage and who doesn’t. Radical leftist groups such as Antifa can literally stand with rifles slung in front of a grooming event and “Moms Demand” won’t say a word, but if a line of 2A supporting veterans stood as a wall in front of a gun range on “teach your kid to shoot day” there would be statements galore and fundraising emails.

It really just goes to show that these leftist groups are just scams in disguise.


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