Why the '#FreetheNipple' Campaign Is a Bad Idea

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Every now and again, a celebrity will take up the very brave stance of declaring that their breasts should be able to exist in the open. These women believe that it should be socially acceptable to bare their chests just like a man can and that we can’t because we’re a society of prudes and/or we view the female body as a sexual object.


Take, for example, the latest entry in the quest to #FreeTheNipple. Actress Florence Pugh decided to post a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a sheer pink Valentino dress that clearly allowed you to see her breasts.

Of course, the photo came with a lot of complaints directed at the feminist’s favorite punching bag; men. Like so many tired tirades before hers, she accused men of sexualizing and demeaning women and that her exposing her breasts through her very expensive dress shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I could go on about the accusations she makes, saying that men told her she should be ashamed of her “tiny tits,” and that they’re “vulgar” but that’s not what this article is about. Besides, I think it’s clear that celebrity complaints about men are well overblown anyway.

I want to focus on one part she said in her little rant:

What’s more concerning is…. Why are you so scared of breasts? Small? Large? Left? Right? Only one? Maybe none? What. Is. So. Terrifying.

What’s terrifying is that her gaslighting is being celebrated by people in her comments, but outside of that…nothing. Nothing is terrifying about breasts. Men, especially, go above and beyond in order to get close to them. We think about them. A lot. Men form addictions to pornography strictly around breasts.


They’re not “terrifying,” but what I just said does make it necessary to cover them at every opportunity.

What Pugh is demonstrating here is a very common issue in modern society; a blatant disrespect toward men. The fact is, while she might not see breasts as a sexual attractor, men do. It’s naturally wired within us. Boobs are so attractive to men that when we look at them we actually become healthier.

But the largest factor is, of course, babies. It’s all about babies.

For a moment, let’s take out the higher thinking we humans are capable of and strip us down to our base instincts. Our animal selves are hardwired to procreate. Even people who don’t want children are slammed pretty hard with the urge to mate. Breasts are an indicator that a female is in the child-bearing range, and the healthier her breasts look, the more a male might find himself naturally drawn to her. Those breasts aren’t just going to be able to feed his offspring, they’ll be good at providing comfort and safety for their progeny as well.

There are other indicators that make a female more attractive for breeding than others. A hip-to-waist ratio can draw a male’s attention, as can long hair and red lips, but it’s the breasts that oftentimes take the top spot as one of the chief attractors of base sexual attraction. A lot of features go into a male of our species finding a woman attractive, but in every case, the revealing of the breasts is always a big deal. They don’t even have to be big. They just have to be there.


Breasts have inherent sexual value because breasts are a key component in the propagation of our species, the whole reason behind sexual attraction in the first place.

Okay, let’s bring the higher consciousness of humanity back in. Pugh is angry because men are holding back breasts from being socially acceptable to expose…well, yeah.

It’s not socially acceptable because most men would rather their instinctual selves not dominate their minds every time they have an interaction with a woman. It’s difficult enough as it is sometimes for men, but trying to carry on a conversation, talk to clients, or even just drive down the road would be far more difficult if the woman in front of them is flashing her high beams in his direction.

Women often complain that men don’t take them seriously enough, but rest assured, adding exposed breasts to the mix won’t make it any better.

In 2009, the National Geographic reported on a study where men were shown scantily clad women while hooked up to machines that read brainwaves. When shown these pictures, the male brain reacted and fired up, but only in certain parts:

And in a “shocking” finding, Fiske noted, some of the men studied showed no activity in the part of the brain that usually responds when a person ponders another’s intentions.

This means that these men see women “as sexually inviting, but they are not thinking about their minds,” Fiske said. “The lack of activation in this social cognition area is really odd, because it hardly ever happens.”


Effectively, men stopped seeing the woman as a conscious person and began seeing her as a *gasp* sex object. The woman was effectively whittled down in the mind to be equal to that of a tool.

Already you can hear the feminists roar in outrage, but maybe they should check their anger first. Again, this isn’t something a man can help. It’s deep-wired in him by nature to do this, and indeed, the propagation of our species requires this. A man seeing a woman as a sex object isn’t inherently a bad thing. In fact, I can show you a whole host of internet content provided by everyday women who subconsciously love this fact about men.

A man can be sexually attracted to a woman while still appreciating her mind and personality, of course. In fact, it often feeds into sexual attraction, but with that said, men are driven to populate based quite a bit on visual stimuli.

Freeing your nipple in front of a man would cause parts of that man’s brain to activate. His baser instincts would become incredibly loud in his mind, and whether or not he’d want to, his thoughts would revolve around sexuality. Whatever he’s doing would become far more difficult. His focus would be continuously drawn to the exposed breasts in front of him and the image would haunt him for weeks. He wouldn’t be able to look at you without the image of your breasts popping up in his mind.


This isn’t sexism or misogyny. It’s just nature, and men aren’t going to suddenly lose that instinct because of a few Instagram posts.



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