Mayra Flores' Victory in a Blue Texas District Is a Dark Portent of Things to Come for Democrats

Mayra Flores For Congress

The red wave is coming and Republican Mayra Flores is the beginning trickle.

Yesterday, Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk endorsed Mayra Flores, saying it was the first time he ever voted Republican in his life. Whether this inspired others to vote for her or not is still up in the air, but one thing is for sure; Flores flipped the 34th Congressional District in the Rio Grande Valley from blue to red.


It’s a district that had voted for Joe Biden by +13 points, but apparently, the time of the Democrats is over there as Flores defeated her Democrat opponent, Dan Sanchez, with 51 percent of the vote to his 43 percent. It should also be mentioned that this district is 84 percent Hispanic.

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It’s a solid outcome but it does leave some questions hanging in the air. Firstly, is Musk now a kingmaker in American politics? Is the Hispanic community done with Democrats, and why? Is it neither? Is it both?

Flores seems to believe that earning Musk’s vote was a big deal.

And she’s right.

While Musk is a very popular man, he represents more than just a CEO who’s captured the hearts of Americans. Musk openly swapped from Democrat to Republican with that old quote from Ronald Reagan echoing in the background.

“I didn’t leave the party, the party left me.”

Musk was just the biggest canary in the coal mine. Millions of people seem fed up with the Democrats for a myriad of reasons and it shows in other places. Biden’s popularity is sinking like an anvil and shows no signs of slowing down. Former President Donald Trump has a higher approval rating, and that’s despite the January 6 hearing circus.


Furthermore, polls show Republicans are far more energized for this coming election than Democrats are by leaps and bounds. Democrats are without a true leader or a plan, and it shows. None of their attempts to start a movement around a pet issue are succeeding, and even Democrat strategists are throwing their hands up in the air.

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A red wave isn’t hard to see coming, and GOP candidates are riding it right into office.

To be clear, the red wave was a Democrat creation, not a Republican one. It was the actions of the Democrat party that brought them to their losing position. They turned their back on everyone except for a few socio-political groups who are, at this time, still easy to manipulate. The issue for them is that every time they’ve tried to convince anyone else, their arguments got swallowed up by the price at the pump, the cost of groceries, the spike in crime, the open borders, the assault on their freedoms, or the attempt to brainwash their children.

Hispanics are beginning to change their vote by and large from D to R thanks to Democrats walking all over them while still believing they can maintain the vote. Hispanic voters are socially conservative, to begin with, and the radicalization of the left has soured their relationship with the Democrat Party. In the case of Flores’s district, the untended border that allows thousands of people in, including a massive criminal element, was a big factor.


It should also be noted that Flores’s district isn’t the first color shift to happen either. Rep. Ryan Guillen of Rio Grande City in Texas flipped his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican after he had gotten fed up with his own party pushing D.C. values on his residents. This was following the flip of  McAllen County Starr County, and Zapata County.

Democrats should be looking at Flores’s victory with abject horror and searching for what it was they did wrong in order to lose so much ground in so short of time.

However, they likely won’t. It’ll be up to Democrat voters to change the tune of the Democrat Party, but when that will be is anyone’s guess.


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