The Democrats Are Leaderless and Lost

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I’m not sure what the Democrats are doing, and to be honest, I’m not sure they know either. I get the impression that they’re fumbling around in the dark, trying to find a path to reinvigorate their party, rally their base, and put up a solid front against an increasingly apparent red wave coming in November, but no matter what they do, they’re falling short.

We can take two events happening that show that Democrats are, as the title of this article implies, leaderless and lost.

Firstly, is the fact that AOC will not endorse President Joe Biden for 2024. People even a little associated with politics will know this has much greater implications than one congresswoman not backing the sitting president. AOC represents much more than New York, she’s the symbol of the left’s radicalization of the Democrat Party.

Her refusal indicates a tear in the Democrat Party. She’s likely had conversations with her equally ideologically radical peers and backing Biden is something they absolutely refuse to do, leading AOC to do the same. She wasn’t just not backing him in front of Dana Bash because she honestly feels that way, or at least not just because she feels that way. She did that, rather nervously, because she knows if she didn’t, she’d upset her radical base.

But despite being the leader of a sect within the Democrat Party, AOC is no leader. Outside of her ravenous band of simps, the New York radical is hardly popular among Americans. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was right about AOC achieving her seat in office when she said a glass of water with a “D” on it would win the seat in her district.

So no one wants the leader of the Democrat establishment, and no one wants the leader of the Democrat radicals. Who do they want? No one seems to have an idea. Anyone that seemed like a viable candidate as the new leader of the Democrat Party has been quickly abandoned as they embarrassed themselves in one form or another. There is no one that is attractive to moderates and the Republican Party is noticing a massive shift in its popularity for the better as these moderates find their way to the right.

But absent a leader, Democrats have fail-safes. Normally, if they can’t make themselves look good, they can at least make the opposition look bad. It was their entire strategy in the last presidential election. They billed themselves, not as a party with good ideas, but as the party of “Not Trump.”

Sure enough, they’ve been throwing everything they can at the American people to make Republicans look like the villains but everything they try is wholly overshadowed by the financial hell they’ve brought upon us. It’s overshadowed by the fact that they’ve openly attempted to indoctrinate our kids and sic the FBI on parents who resist. It’s overshadowed by the crime spike and the open border. It’s overshadowed by the expense every American is suffering at the pump.

Their latest attempt to distract and seduce is falling flat on its face. The January 6 committee, whose purpose was to rally the Democrat base and finally seal away Trump from achieving the highest office in the land again, has now devolved into infighting.

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They’ve tried it all. Abortion issues, feminism, LGBT issues, Ukraine, COVID, gun control, and Elon Musk. No matter what, the narrative is just not seducing voters. Every shallow attempt to win over voters is undone the moment they pay $100 for a full tank of gas or watch their bills increase by as much as 25 percent. They become furious whenever they can’t find baby formula for their child or watch their businesses suffer to the point of bankruptcy due to the cost of doing business.

This is the reality in America right now and all attempts by Democrats to sell a fantasy are falling through.

So Democrats are left with nothing. No leader, no plan, and no hope.


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