Elon Reveals How He Just Voted, Predicts 'Massive Red Wave' Coming

Elon Musk is fun to cover because he’s a plain-speaking person who connects with what the average person thinks. If he can acquire Twitter, it’s going to make it so much better. But he’s also fun to cover because it’s like watching an awakening of someone who is getting it — he’s seeing the truth and he’s not afraid to say it, even if that costs him with the liberal side of the aisle.


Musk had previously said that he was going to vote for Republicans, after maybe never voting Republican before. He also called Democrats the party of “division and hate.” He put his money where his mouth was on Tuesday.

He trumpeted that he voted Republican in the 34th District in South Texas and he’s predicting a “massive red wave.”

Musk lives in a tiny $50,000 house in Boca Chica, near the Space X facility. But he wasn’t the only person in the heavily Democratic and Hispanic area to flip for the Republican Mayra Flores.

As we noted, that final count wasn’t really even close, 50.98 percent to 43.33 percent. Now, that was a special election in which she’s filing in a seat and she will have to run again in November in a redrawn district. Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman is rating that district a “lean Democrat.” But it was a “lean Democrat” now and she won. In November, it’s likely to be a huge wave, as Musk noted, that will sweep in a lot of people.


Musk was also asked whether he would vote Republican for president in 2024. On that, he wasn’t saying yet definitively, but he said he was leaning towards Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — if DeSantis runs.

He said he thought DeSantis had a better chance of winning than someone like Andrew Yang.

“I’m thinking of creating a ‘Super Moderate Super PAC’ that supports candidates with centrist views from all parties,” Musk also said.

As Musk has previously said, he didn’t leave the Democrats, they left him — and many others — with their extremist views. Add to that now, the failed policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats who don’t seem to understand word one about the economy or how to solve any other problem, and it’s going to become a huge flood of defecting voters in November.


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