Democrats Are Pointing Their Fingers at Everyone but Themselves for Our Economic Situation

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Imagine walking into the kitchen to find your kid with her hand stuffed into the cookie jar, crumbs around her mouth, and all over her clothes. When confronted, your child responds with absolute confidence that she didn’t steal any of the cookies, nor did she eat any of them. The cookie shortage in the home is the fault of everyone else, from the dog to the mailman, and even you.

We’re looking at this very thing right now when it comes to our economy. We’re seeing shortages left and right, inflation has reached record highs, crime is spiking, gas prices are soaring, and the left everywhere is pushing for the indoctrination of children to radical socio-political ideals.

We can see it’s the Democrats doing all of this and moreover, refusing to fix any of it. There is a myriad of things they could do to begin turning the ship around right now but they refuse to, instead preferring to blame everyone for the ship’s course except for the people driving it.

The economy, for instance, has had many different fall guys. The Biden administration called it “Putin’s price hike.” Only that didn’t fly so they shifted gears and blamed Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

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They also blamed oil companies, but as the oil companies explained, they’d love to drill and produce more, they’re just being stopped by unnecessary and complicated regulations imposed on them by the White House.

When nobody but blue wave emoji idiots bought that, they decided on a different avenue. According to Democrats like Amy Klobuchar, it’s the multinational shipping conglomerates that are to blame for the debacle we’re in. You see, these shipping conglomerates raised their prices by as much as a million billion percent and they must be stopped!

Yes, it’s true. They did raise their prices. They had to because getting fuel is far more expensive than it’s ever been and shipping things across the ocean has never been more pricey. In order to stay afloat both financially and very literally, they have to raise shipping prices. If Biden really wanted to help out, he and his administration would lift regulations and minimize the red tape for oil companies so we can begin refining fuel.

But Democrats won’t do it, so things continue to get worse.

Oh, but the blame game isn’t done yet. According to Fauxcahontis, it’s the big tech companies and their army of lobbyists!

At no point has any Democrat from the White House to the local dog catcher admitted that the issues we’re facing originated from one source, not many, and that source is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC.

While I’m not saying the world would be perfect with Democrats and that there are other factors that could improve to make our overall situation better, the Democrat-controlled D.C. area is giving us more problems by the day and they don’t show any sign of slowing down. One of the biggest signs is that they’re desperately grasping for anyone and anything to take the blame away from them, especially as midterms get closer and closer.

But the distractions aren’t going to work, and as things get more and more difficult for Americans, their attempts to blame everyone else will be less and less effective. Things are already getting so bad for them that many Democrats have written off the midterms for lost, and they’re not wrong to do so. They’ve screwed us all and there’s no getting around that.

But it won’t stop them from trying, but every time they do it plunges them further and further into the losers column.


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