'What's Going on, Parag?': Elon Musk Finds Twitter Is Hiding His Tweets and Wants Answers

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Tesla CEO and soon-to-be owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, is seemingly being censored on the social media platform he’s looking to own and is attempting to get down to the bottom of it.


As reported by the New York Post, a Twitter user named Steven Mark Ryan pointed out that Musk’s tweets stop loading at a certain point. A video was posted a video to back up his claims.

This came with a poll about the issue where 80 percent of respondents said Musk’s tweets stopped loading after a “short scroll.”

“What’s going on @paraga?” asked Musk, tweeting at Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal.

The Post attempted to contact to Twitter to ask about the issue but did not get back to them.

It’s unclear if this was purposeful or if it’s just a glitch in the algorithm. If you were to ask many, given the recent undercover footage of Twitter employees, they would probably say it was intentional.

Musk isn’t likely to get an answer, at least until he owns the company and he can sift through all the data himself, but one thing is for sure, Twitter is well known for censoring people its employees don’t agree with or don’t like. Musk’s tweets being censored are well within the realm of possibility.


Recently, Musk tweeted a picture mocking corporations for suddenly slapping rainbow filters all over their logos as they prepare for pride month. It’s a tweet that is going to upset people at Twitter HQ without fail.

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Either way, Twitter’s lack of transparency is ironically on full display here. One of the more egregious sins by Twitter is its unwillingness to define its rules, allowing it to manipulate its code to punish whoever they want, however they want.

Moreover, the issue that Musk is having is probably easily dealt with, and the fact that it’s still going on is a sign that this is purposeful.

As of this writing, no one has responded to anyone asking questions about it from Twitter HQ.


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