The New Ricky Gervais Special Might Be the Reason Netflix Sent out Its Memo Suggesting Woke Employees Quit

Netflix telling its woke employees that if they really don’t like what the company is doing they should find work elsewhere was a sign that the streaming service was leaving behind a lot of its woke past and embracing a far less politically leftist bent. As many speculated, it was also a portent of things to come.


First, the company decided to cancel a number of its woke programs, especially those aimed at children.

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Now, it seems that the memo Netflix sent out wasn’t just for a bunch of shows coming out, it was about one in particular and it comes from none other than Ricky Gervais.

Seeing the massive success that was the Dave Chappelle specials and the weak-sauced attempt by the left to cancel them, Netflix decided to go full steam ahead on a special Gervais had made for the streaming service. The comedy special is called “SuperNature” and according to sources, it has jokes within it that poke fun at the transgender community.

As first reported by Brodigan at Louder with Crowder, SiriusXM host Sam Roberts had gotten an early peek at the special, and theorized that the memo Netflix sent out was about Gervais in particular.

“One-hundred percent, the Netflix employees are going to get mad again,” said Roberts.

Brodigan then pointed out that freelance journalist Eoin Higgins was told that Netflix actually had the special in its back pocket for some time but didn’t release it for fear of leftist backlash. It is purportedly worse than Chapelle’s special when it comes to transgender jokes.


Higgins’ claim that Netflix fears “right-wing backlash” doesn’t hold water, mostly because the backlash isn’t relegated to the right.

Netflix learned that when it came to the backlash, the radical left is about as terrible as an angry chihuahua and that people actually like a good-natured laugh at sacred cows, including center-left westerners. If what Higgins is saying is true, then Netflix learned it could make more money by opening doors to people with various opinions, not closing them, and the anger from the radical left won’t make much of a difference.

Moreover, Gervais has never been more popular than he is now. His speech at the Golden Globes endeared him to Americans tired of elitists and their utilization of the big stage as a soapbox and reminded everyone how important comedy is to keeping civilization stable.

His new special comes out on Tuesday, May 24. You can bet that you will see a review of it on RedState soon.


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