Is the Media Teeing up Democrats to Finally Come Down on Section 230?

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With Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk taking over Twitter, alarms have been going off at leftist establishments and screams can be heard echoing within their halls that Twitter, the de facto town square, has been taken by the evil right.

Since the confirmation of Musk’s purchase, leftist journalists and talking heads alike have been making it clear that Twitter is going to be a hotbed of misinformation, white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and apparently genocide. It’s all very par for the course for the left to do this. They are, after all, the party overdramatics.

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While the deal has been signed, a lot can happen before it’s wholly finalized and Musk takes complete control. Musk isn’t in control and hasn’t had the ability to affect change on the site himself, however, that hasn’t stopped the media from going in on Musk’s every move.

As my colleague, Nick Arama, reported earlier today, the left has been attempting to paint Musk’s commentary about random black marks on Twitter’s history as disparaging the site in hopes that it would somehow stop him from acquiring the company and things can go back to normal…and by normal I mean censoring everyone to the right of Marx.

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Bezos-owned Washington Post couldn’t wait to jump on the story and released an article this morning on the issue. Posting to Twitter, WaPo declared that “Elon Musk on Tuesday used his powerful Twitter account to bolster right-wing users who sharply criticized two company executives, exposing them to online masses who joined in the attacks.”

I’d say that it’s being done to ruin Musk’s chances of going through with Twitter’s purchase through some legal avenue, but that feels like taking potshots in the dark and hoping you hit your target. Yes, Musk has to jump through some hoops to fully acquire Twitter, but he’s very likely going to acquire it.

Something else seems up, and it was the New York Times that kind of gave me a clue as to what they might be trying to pull here.

Over at the old gray lady, questions are being raised about the nature of free speech and how it’s probably more destructive than constructive:

Social media company executives have learned that defending free speech is not simple in a complicated world where one person’s right to express himself may silence someone else or sow chaos and one person’s or government’s definition of free speech is out of bounds for another.

“Unrestricted free speech does not mean it’s a truer version of free speech. It just means you’re making an island and letting the boys run crazy like in ‘Lord of the Flies,’” said Kate Klonick, an assistant professor of law at St. John’s University. “A well-regulated and predictable speech environment is the best for free speech.”

Pretty much every action that happens with the Democrat Party in Washington begins with something of a propaganda campaign from the media. The media begins feeding people half-truths and lies to stoke fears in the populace and gets them to believe a narrative about any given thing. The Democrats then sweep in and vow to make real change on the subject.

If I had to guess, the media is doing its level best to make free speech seem like a threat to our Democracy and that somehow we must rein it in, especially in the age of Elon “Twitter” Musk. The best way to do that would be to approach Section 230 and begin tooling it.

Here’s the kicker. As Tulsi Gabbard once exposed, social media giants spend a lot of time and money making sure politicians don’t want to approach 230:

“The real question we should all be asking is ‘why hasn’t it been fixed yet?’” said Gabbard.

Gabbard notes that despite all the committee hearings and big talk, nothing has been done. So why?

“It goes to money,” said Gabbard.

“I’ve seen it happen,” she continued. “Google will have a bit reception and members of congress will go and pick up their checks. Facebook will have a big reception and they’ll go and ‘hey, where’s my check?’”

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Big tech loves Section 230 which effectively gives them immunity on anything that happens on their platform, while still giving them the ability to control speech in the name of safety. This worked really well for them when they controlled the entire digital landscape, but now they don’t.

Twitter is now a threat to the narrative and the bottom line of other websites.

Putting on my tinfoil hat for a second, I’d bet that judging from the media’s sudden declaration that free speech on the internet is a threat to people and Democracy, that plans are already being made in Washington and they’re waiting for the propaganda to kick in before they act. I have little doubt that they’re working with other big tech figureheads on a solution that would please the big tech and D.C. elitists alike, and you can bet that it will affect Twitter and Elon Musk the most.

I could be wrong and the media might just be reacting this way because they’re salty, but I’ve never known the media to echo a talking point together without there being an agenda behind it. Time will tell, but given the left’s pattern of seizing control, I don’t think I’m wrong.

This fight over Twitter isn’t going to be over when Musk finally gets total control of it. This is going to Washington very soon.


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