Liberals Throw up One Last Hope Against Elon Musk's Takeover of Twitter

As we’ve noted, liberals have been melting down on Twitter since the news came that a deal had been worked out for Elon Musk to buy the company.

If you listened to them, the libertarian entrepreneur was evil personified, a racist, someone who wanted to take away all their rights. And why? Because he wanted to protect free speech. Because he considers himself a “free speech absolutist.” He believes in the right of all to be able to speak and not be shut down for political reasons. That’s a threat to the folks on the left who have controlled the media organs for so long they can’t take even one being lost to someone who might not be completely on board with the narrative.


Musk had issues with some of the censorship he observed on Twitter, and it was the suspension of the Babylon Bee that kicked off his interest in buying the company. It went from a random thought into a reality. Then after the deal was consummated, Musk skewered the “extreme antibody reaction” to the deal, referencing the meltdowns on the left, which he noted, “says it all.” We even saw how the Twitter board was not coping well in a video Project Veritas dropped last night.

Musk also commented on the decision to suppress the NY Post’s story about the Hunter Biden laptop in October 2020, shortly before the election, calling it incredibly inappropriate.”

Musk also responded to a tweet about James Baker, who is now deputy general counsel for Twitter. Baker was also the general counsel at the FBI to whom Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann went to pitch the fake Alfa Bank story against President Donald Trump.

“Sounds pretty bad,” was his response about the Sussmann interchange with Baker.

Those comments have now caused more meltdowns from some on the left, with liberal media suggesting this violates his agreement in his Twitter deal that he not “disparage” Twitter or any of its representatives.


“The equity investor shall be permitted to issue tweets about the merger or the transactions contemplated hereby so long as such tweets do not disparage the company or any of its representatives,” according to the deal.

However, the problem with this argument is that Twitter itself has previously indicated the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop was wrong. So agreeing with them is hardly “disparaging.” Commenting “sounds bad” about the Sussmann-Baker episode is mild compared to what happened and also not disparaging of an individual. Plus, the provision references “tweets about the merger,” not necessarily tweets about other things.

But this is where some on the left are — trying to scrape to find things that might kill the deal. It just shows how desperate they are. Frankly, the tantrums are delicious, with the gnashing of teeth and flowing of tears. I doubt that those comments would qualify as “disparaging” for the deal. It’s also not clear that even if they were disparaging, that would do in the deal as a result. I think, at this point, the parties are too far down the road on the deal and their shareholders would probably hand them their heads if they quashed it because of these comments.



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