It's Getting Difficult to Take Democrats Seriously

It's Getting Difficult to Take Democrats Seriously
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Reading the title, you’ve already probably come up with a thousand and one reasons as to why it’s become harder and harder to take Democrats seriously, but after a little bit of thought about it, I was able to narrow it down, at least in my opinion.

A lot of Democrat talk is hollow as there isn’t much in the way of substance with their claims or talking points. Thanks, in large part, to their fall to woke culture a lot of the issues that Democrats seem to focus on are issues that only affect a single-digit percentage of our population, and even then not all of them. Even if they are addressing larger percentage groups, it’s clear that Democrats aren’t actually doing anything to help them, and all their talk of being the “party of” that group is just abject nonsense.

It becomes even clearer when an individual from these protected groups, be they black, gay, or a woman, steps out of line and receives more hate from Democrats than any group that allegedly hates them.

All this and more makes it clear that the Democrats aren’t the “party of” anyone, but they are the “party of” one thing for sure, and that’s virtue signaling, or even more accurately, the party of overdramatics.

Take, for instance, the reaction of leftists when the maks mandates on flights were lifted. Former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett tweeted out that she’d still wear her mask everywhere despite what the “non-scientists” say.

So did Nu Vision Media’s Roland Martin and this epidemiologist who found fame during the pandemic as an influencer. These are just a few examples. Typing the word “mask” into the Twitter search function will give you more.

Overdramatic behavior can be seen everywhere you look. New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to claim that Texas Senator Ted Cruz tried to have her killed. Madison Cawthorn and Marjorie Taylor Greene are being called “insurrectionists” (which they aren’t) in an attempt to disqualify them from running for office. Mention the name Joe Rogan or Elon Musk in a room full of leftists and watch them declare the need to have them both drawn and quartered for being a threat to society despite the fact that neither man has done anything wrong at all.

I could go on…and on, and on, and on.

The left has become the boy that cries wolf. We can only be told so many times that the world will end if we don’t adopt their policies so many times before we just start to tune out. It is surprising it took this long, but regardless, many have gotten there.

When all you have to offer is hollow dramatism, you become more of a sideshow and this is what the Democrats have become now. It’s a bunch of people gnashing teeth and rending clothing over things that are either too small to bother about or don’t exist in the first place. Their inability to just go with the flow has cost many people their livelihoods and freedoms. It doesn’t help that these same people who make grandiose statements pat each other on the back and talk about how they’re the ones who truly follow “the science” or some moral code.

The moment anything comes out of a Democrat’s mouth, no matter how believable, I feel the need to either investigate further or wait just a few moments for the truth to come out. That’s not good. Despite the fact that I, myself, haven’t voted for a Democrat in well over a decade, I’d still rather they be a party that has some kind of integrity. A party that wants more or less the same thing I do, just going about it a different way.

We’re still a two-party system with Democrats being the other half, but right now it feels like Democrats are a mix of upper-class Karens attempting to pass themselves off as victims and children who never quite grew past throwing tantrums when they didn’t get their way. They’ve become dead weight.

I said a while back that things would get worse for the Democrat Party before they got better and looking at it now, it’s clear they’re down bad. They’ve more or less surrendered the midterms to Republicans and, what’s more, they’re leaderless. The man that’s supposed to be their leader is now the party’s patsy. They have nothing…

..nothing but overdramatic claims of apocalyptic nonsense.

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