Joe Rogan Tells His 11 Million Listeners 'There's Some F***ery Afoot' About Hunter's Laptop Coverage

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The most listened-to podcast in the west got onto the topic of Hunter Biden’s laptop and it’s not going to please the media, as the topic Joe Rogan wanted to focus in on wasn’t its contents but the willingness of the media to do everything it could to either dismiss it or ignore it.


On an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan was speaking to former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker when the guest noted that the media loves a good story, to which Rogan corrected that with a wise take.

“They don’t just love a good story. They love a narrative, and they’re willing to ignore facts to push that narrative. That’s what scares me,” Rogan said.

“There’s real solid journalists out there,” Rogan said of the mainstream news outlets, “but I don’t necessarily know if you’re getting all the information.”

Baker couldn’t help but laugh knowingly.

“You’re not sure?” he asked while Rogan continued.

“I think it’s safe to say that some f***ery is afoot,” said Rogan.

The New York Times, just now, is admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop is real. And, we remember from the debates, with Trump bringing it up to Biden, and Biden saying, ‘It’s bulls**t.’ And it’s a lie, a flat-out lie. Everybody knew it was a lie,” continued Rogan.

Rogan is correct. The leftists in the media will generate entirely false narratives to serve the agenda of the Democrat party. For instance, they will rush to find proof for the flimsy accusation that President Donald Trump was somehow under the direction and pay of the Russians, going so far as to promote impeachment hearings in Washington and lead entire media circuses with little to no evidence.


However, if the media isn’t flat-out ignoring the laptop story they’re attempting to convince people that it’s a Russian fabrication. As RedState covered on Sunday, the New York Times had to begrudgingly admit the laptop story that was broken by the New York Post was, indeed, real. This is after it and several politicians like Adam Schiff all attempted to reinforce the idea that it was a Russian plot to ruin the Biden family.

The Biden family doesn’t need to rely on Russian plots. They’re good at ruining themselves.

In terms of media credibility, this is damning, but as Baker and Rogan noted, you’ll get no apologies from them.

No one should expect one either. As far as the media is concerned, they’ve done their jobs, just not the job we expect them to do. Their job is to help the left’s agenda. Period. Facts and real news are a tertiary concern for them.


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