The American People Add Ukraine to Biden's Growing List of Failures

The American People Add Ukraine to Biden's Growing List of Failures
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President Joe Biden’s entire time as President of the United States can be summed up with the word “abandonment.”

He abandoned the border, he abandoned Afghanistan, and he even abandons the press after the vast majority of his speeches. Now, we can add “Ukraine” to the list of things he abandoned. As RedState previously covered, Biden dropped sanctions on Russia but it couldn’t be confirmed if they’d actually have an effect. Then, before anything could be understood about the sanctions, Biden left for the weekend to Deleware.

Biden’s handling of Ukraine has been another example of his incompetence. Never mind that this entire invasion was a door he helped open in the first place, now that the invasion is here, we have a leader who’s doing very little leading on the matter.

It’s why the American people agree that Biden’s handling of the Ukraine matter has been poor.

According to Rasmussen, fewer than a third of voters actually approve of what Biden is doing in Ukraine with a majority believing his performance to be less than stellar:

A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports finds that just 31% of Likely U.S voters give Biden an excellent or good rating for the way he has handled the Russian aggression toward Ukraine. Forty-nine percent (49%) give him a poor rating for his handling of the Russia-Ukraine situation.

Somewhat is Biden’s overall approval of the job he’s doing which Rasmussen reports is an ever-widening gap with 48 percent strongly disapproving of his performance and only 21 percent strongly approving.

None of these numbers should be surprising in the least. Biden can’t even seem to stop himself from abandoning a sentence in the middle of it. He’s abandoned our country on more than one front so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he’s failed on this front too.

This is a very weak look for the leader of the free world, but it’s this weakness that allowed for the events in Ukraine to transpire in the first place. In fact, as RedState previously covered, 59 percent of people believe this is all related to Biden’s inability to be a strong leader.

If you were to ask Biden, however, he’d tell you that he’s restoring decency to the United States.

I think we were better off without this brand of decency and that things were much smoother under mean tweets.

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