Ron DeSantis Has Some Excellent Advice About the Mob After All the Joe Rogan Controversies

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has some very solid advice to impart to everyone, especially after podcast host Joe Rogan did exactly what you’re not supposed to in the wake of the “controversies” he’s been embroiled in.


According to Fox News, DeSantis told Fox News Digital on Monday that Rogan’s attempts at apologizing to the mob was the wrong move, suggesting that doing so is only giving up your own power:

“No, he shouldn’t have apologized. I mean, you see what happens? The mob will come after people, and they’re targeting Rogan because he’s threatening to upset the apple cart on some of the things that they’re holding dear. And with COVID, he’s just bringing opposing views. He’s letting people decide. They say he’s against [the COVID vaccine]. I do not listen to his show, but then I read he specifically advocated for people with co-morbidities and elderly to get vaccinated,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis continued, “I think a lot of the legacy outlets and I think the left fear the fact that he can reach so many people, and so they’re out to destroy him. But what I would say is don’t give an inch. Do not apologize. Do not kow to the mob. Stand up and tell them to pound sand; if you do that, there’s really nothing that they’re able to do to you. The only way they have power is if you let them get your goat.”

DeSantis stood up for Rogan, saying that many of the legacy news outlets spew actual misinformation while claiming to fight against it. This includes CNN, which the Florida Governor brought up after CNN host Brian Stelter complained that more people were listening to Rogan than they were getting their news from outlets like his:


“But if you look from the beginning, who was advocating for lockdowns? CNN and New York Times. Who is advocating for school closures? Those outlets. Who has advocated for force masking of kids? Those outlets.”

DeSantis then cited a recent Johns Hopkins study that found lockdowns in the spring of 2020 reduced COVID mortality rates by only 0.2% in both Europe and the U.S.

“And then what ends up happening? Johns Hopkins does the study. Lockdowns didn’t work. You look to see masked jurisdictions do no better than unmasked jurisdictions. All the things they’ve said. It seems like you wait six, 12 months and then basically the narratives blow up. Now they will never go back and admit they were wrong. They will never go back and do a mea culpa. It’ll just move on to the next thing and craft the next narrative.”

DeSantis, of all people, knows exactly what he’s talking about here. The man can’t breathe out of his right nostril without legacy media talking heads screaming about how he hates people who breathe out of their left nostril. Due to his effectiveness in combatting the left’s agenda, DeSantis is a prime target for leftists of every stripe, often enduring baseless attacks on him as a Governor or even as a person.


However, one of the reasons he’s continued to be so powerful is the people’s confidence in him, and some of that confidence comes from the fact that he refuses to back down from a mob that is wholly unconcerned with fairness or reason.

As I’ve written before, the radical leftists aren’t looking for balance or to correct the record with facts. As DeSantis pointed out, the facts mean nothing. What this boils down to is narrative dominance. Rogan is a threat to that narrative and as a result, they will accept nothing short of total censorship. For these people, an apology is only a signal that you’re bleeding and, like sharks, they will move in for the kill.

Never apologize to the mob. Ever.



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