Joe Rogan's Comments About Inviting Both Sides On His Show Won't Appease Those Angry With Him

Reasonability and fairness are healthy, not just for the self, but for society when the virtues are practiced by a majority of the populace. Increasingly, the two have been less and less utilized, and that’s because the loudest, but the smallest group in our society, the mainstream media, has used its platform to make the two virtues seem dangerous.


An unintended consequence of this is that western society has become hungry for balance and conversation, and there are only a few mainstream figures providing it, making them the defacto destination for listeners and viewers searching for more understanding between groups. One host providing this is podcast king, Joe Rogan, who has a regular listenership of 11 million people, a testament to where America’s heart is despite the mainstream left’s attempts to divide us.

This, of course, has the left absolutely furious and the attempts to censor or cancel Rogan have been incessent. This includes 270 medical “experts” sending a letter to Spotify, Spotify employees attempting to put pressure on the company to censor him, and celebrities like Neil Young proclaiming that he’ll take his music off Spotify if they don’t get rid of Rogan.

They all failed, and they only made themselves look foolish in the process, especially the 270 medical “experts” who only ended up being composed mostly of influencers.

But Rogan is reasonable and fair, and in a show of good faith, took to Instagram to tell everyone that he’s more than happy to put more people on from the left in order for them to weigh in and have their say. As RedState reported, he disagreed with the idea that he’s been spreading “misinformation” the podcast show host made it clear that he bears no ill-will toward anyone who’s trying to cancel him and that he only hopes the conversation can be more balanced.


For fans of reasonability and fairness, this is a great thing. Hearing out both sides of the argument is wise, and even opponents of a side should want to hear what the other side believes in an effort to better understand the entirety of the issue.

But if Rogan was hoping this would appease his critics, he’s very mistaken. The issue many of these people on the left are having isn’t that he’s giving more time to one side than the other, it’s that he’s giving time to both sides at all.

The problem with the leftist narrative is that it can only survive in a vacuum. Open debate is oftentimes the death of their arguments, which is why you’ll find very few leftists are willing to engage in open debate with the right. In fact, you’ll find that arguments on Twitter often end with the leftist proclaiming victimhood in some form as their arguments are ripped apart by people in their comments. It’s become the most common way of leftists pulling the escape chord so they can keep their arguments and their worldview intact.

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The left’s goal (and to be clear, I’m speaking of the radical left as Rogan has many leftist listeners) isn’t balance, it’s domination. They won’t be satisfied until Rogan is either toeing the party line or erased from the platform entirely. There is no in-between because it’s the in-between where their arguments collapse.


The truth is that the world is far more nuanced than one side’s opinion. Facts can be inconvenient for both sides of an argument. The enlightened thing is to hear it all and put together your own thoughts through rationality.

For the radical left, rationality is poison for their cause. Their mission isn’t to think critically, it’s to push a worldview on others that further empower their groups and leaders. Anything that gets in the way of this has to be silenced through either total censorship or destruction. Rogan’s promise for more balance will only anger them further, not endear him to them.

But that may not matter. It will definitely endear him to everyone else, only increasing his big-fish status on Spotify and almost guaranteeing that the censorship brigades will be ignored. Regardless, the lesson to be learned here is that appeasement of the radical left is impossible to earn without full and total compliance and voluntary subjugation. This applies to anything, be it Rogan or social media networks. They will always apply pressure in the name of censorship.

It’s up to these companies to reject their demands for the betterment of society, but it will take the pressure of the reasonable and fair to be more intense than the pressure of those who wish for tyrannical control of the narrative.



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