You Voted: The Winner of the "Try-Hard Award" for 2021 Has Been Chosen

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Welcome to the first annual “Try-Hard Award.” An award that takes a look back on those who tried very hard to make us like them, a party, or a person, but only made us dislike them even more. To be sure, it’s been something of a year for try-hards, and it was difficult to decide who should be nominated.


The year of our Lord, 2021, saw some highs and lows, but thanks to the invention of the internet and our round-the-clock news media channels, we were able to bear witness to some of the lowest lows. To be sure, the vast majority of the lows were made possible by the left, which cannot seem to dig itself out of the radical hole they’ve been digging for themselves for the better part of a decade.

It’s that radicalism that has been creating some insane moments in our nation, but these moments would be nothing without the individuals who caused them.

Before I get into the nominees, I want to explain why I chose who I did. These four people seem to represent four different categories of interest for the left, and while many players are contained within these categories, I felt these best represented their respective territories. You may disagree with me, and that’s fine. Put who you believe was better deserving in the comments. Until then, let’s go over the nominees.

California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff

Capitol Breach Investigation
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Schiff is the kind of person one forgets is there the moment he’s no longer in eyesight. The man is a plank of wood carved to look like a person, and despite my best efforts, I can hardly remember the state he’s from just off the top of my head.


But what Schiff lacks in personality, he more than makes up for in desperation. This is a man who is on a mission to defeat President Donald Trump…only there is no more Donald Trump, at least in the White House. Therefore, Schiff has had to pivot to obsessing over something he claims Trump caused, the January 6 riot. Schiff believes that if he can just tie Trump to it, he’ll have finally gotten that bad orange man for good.

Only he can’t. Try as hard as he might, he can’t seem to nail Teflon Don to the wall. The furthest he ever got was an impeachment from the House, but that stalled in the Senate. Now he’s relegated to attacking Trump supporters, mumbling words about erections when questioned about the Steel Dossier, and even doctoring texts to make his anti-Trump conspiracy theories seem more plausible.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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There are few people who can consistently be just the worst than AOC. She’s less of a politician and more of a radical leftist figurehead whose primary job is to rally activist support.

Being a radical figurehead means putting on more of a show than actually doing work. This means crying when good things happen to Israel, throwing tantrums when a fellow Democrat acts in the best interests of his constituency and not the party, complaining that people aren’t asking her to help with their campaigns, thinks smash n’ grab burglaries aren’t real, wore a dress that read “tax-the-rich” on it to a gala that only rich people are invited to, and proclaimed she almost died during the January 6 riot even though no one entered her hallway and claimed that was Ted Cruz’s intention.


These are just some of the things she did this year alone, and she’s likely done so many you’ve forgotten most of them.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris
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I can’t think of a person who has failed upward more than Kamala Harris has.

Harris was an early failure during the 2020 Democrat primary but thanks to the wokeness of the left and demands that Joe Biden picks a woman of color as his running mate, Harris was the only person with equal parts name recognition and willingness to be obedient to qualify. As a result, she was named as his running mate by the powers that be in the DNC.

Since then, she’s been a powerhouse of try, benefiting the White House, the Biden administration, and the Democrat Party in general nothing. Everything she’s been tasked with she’s bungled, and she’s so unlikeable that they’ve tucked her into the shadows. To boot, reports say that working with her is borderline hell, and important figures continue to jump out from under her to do other things, including her chief of staff.

It’s over for Kamala, but until the curtain comes down she’ll be awkwardly cackling and flubbing speeches.

Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter
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The leftist media is an unmitigated disaster, especially at CNN which has devolved into firing and investigations for sexual assault of both women and children.


While CNN has so many try-hards to choose from, I couldn’t help but think that the worst of them all was Brian Stelter. This man deals out hot takes like IHOP dishes out hotcakes. He spends less and less time covering the news and more time desperately attacking his betters at Fox News. He openly calls for the press to be tougher on Republicans than they are on Democrats because of radicalism. He’s wildly inconsistent on his messaging, changing his stances with the wind.

In the end, this man has a body with a mouth that flaps up and down. If you look hard enough, you’ll see there’s an arm going up his backside, moving the mouthparts so it looks like Stelter is talking, when really it’s just the DNC or whatever woke activist group requires his stage.

And the winner is…

I posted the poll on Twitter to all my followers and you have voted.

Will it be the obsessed anti-Trump crusader, the radical left’s shallow representative, the White House conversation piece, or the media puppet?

The winner is…

Brian Stelter!

Brian Stelter
Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

At first, I was surprised he won but upon reflection, I really shouldn’t be.

In a kingdom of weasels, Stelter is the weaseliest. He refuses to see the obvious evils in the Democrat Party and chooses instead to paint his ideological opponents as deserving of horrible treatment because they’re dangerous radicals. There is no leftist narrative too ridiculous that Stelter won’t float it. There is no water he won’t carry for Democrats.


He is ever their Wormtongue.

But try as hard as he might to be “their guy” Stelter continues to fall behind his competition in stellar fashion. Stelter’s Sunday show “Reliable Sources” has the smallest audience in terms of key news demographics, averaging somewhere around 90,000 viewers. Overall, he averaged only 738,000 viewers, indicating a 59 percent drop since January.

Did you know Stelter had a book? Me either, and either no one else did or they just didn’t seem interested in reading what he had to say, because hardly anyone bought it. He only managed to move 1,738 books off the shelf in the first week of its release, ranking him 4,007th on Amazon’s bestseller list.

I would not be surprised to learn that much of those were bought by CNN.

Stelter is a lot like that kid who would agree with everything the popular kid said in hopes that his total compliance would get him in with the cool kids. To be sure, they allow him to tag along, but they don’t really care about him. He spends a lot of time boosting them, but the favor hardly seems returned. If it was, they’d spend more time propping him up and helping him sell well, but they don’t.

Stelter will continue to simp for the Democrats for as long as he can milk it, and maybe at some point he’ll climb the ladder a little further, but the bottom line is that Stelter is the worst act at the show…


…try as he might.


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