Self-Deluded Adam Schiff Launches Silly Attack Against Trump Supporters

Self-Deluded Adam Schiff Launches Silly Attack Against Trump Supporters
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Welp, what’s new on this front? “Shockingly,” Donald Trump continues to live rent-free in the self-deluded, self-unaware mind of California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, who told PMSNBC MSNBC in a recent interview that history will rebuke not only Trump but “everyone who stood with him,” as well.

Heres… Adam! As transcribed by Trending Politics:

“I do think, though, as time goes by and it will become increasingly more clear as we gain perspective on the last four years Americans will realize what a disastrous presidency Donald Trump’s was. How many people needlessly lost their lives during the pandemic because of his ‘narcism [sic] and incompetence.’ [Pot, meet kettle.]

“Also, how his daily dose of bile and poison [ooh, nice touch] in the American body politic turned American against American, and they will not want to go back to that. [You mean the same way the American body politic ridiculed your every ke-news claim of proof that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election, Adam?]

I think it is going to become increasingly clear over time. But we cannot use that as reason to become complacent or take anything for granted. We are not through this yet. I think what we do now will determine how quickly we can get through it.” [Uh-huh, Adam, bless your stage-four Trump Derangement Syndrome heart.]

Schiff for brains Schiff continued his Captain Queeg-like (See: “The Caine Mutiny”) obsession:

“I think it is only a matter of time before the fact that the emperor has no clothes is exposed and Trump and Trumpism come crashing in on itself. These kinds of fanatical movements like Donald Trump’s always ends up cratering in on themselves.”

Yo, Adam — at least we don’t have to wait for your nonsense to come crashing in on itself. That ship sailed at least four years ago, Congressman.

“Time is not going to be kind to Donald Trump,” Schiff continued. “It’s not going to be kind to any of the enablers and sycophants in the Congress who upheld him during this period.” And this was priceless:

“I really can’t understand about my colleagues is how do they believe they are going to explain this to their children and grandchildren one day when they are asked, what did you do when that awful man was running the country?”

Children and grandchildren? 

Schiff’s current Trump obsession is the January 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol, about which he told MSNBC:

“If witnesses don’t appear when they’re supposed to, if they don’t produce the documents, we intend to move very quickly to have a vote in the house to hold them in criminal contempt.”

Meanwhile, the southern border crisis continues, store shelves remain unstocked, Biden is now begging the oil companies — which he trashed throughout his basement campaign — to produce more fuel. But Adam Schiff is on it, America. His never-ending obsession with all things Trump, that is.

Schiff continued to babble throughout the segment — the same silly babble for which he’s been ridiculed since the early days of the Trump presidency. Hell, you almost have to feel sorry for people like this guy and equally TDS-riddled Nancy Pelosi, not to mention CNN and its cast of Trump loathers. Kinda fun, ain’t it?

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