AOC Causes Cringe Meters to Explode With Response to ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress Criticism

As we reported earlier, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arrived at last night’s Met Gala function wearing a white, off-the-shoulder mermaid dress that had “Tax the Rich” scribbled in big red letters on the back of it.


For anyone who missed it, here’s what the dress looked like:

Naturally, “woke” Democrats in the fashion industry and beyond gushed over AOC’s fashion choice as though it was one of the most creative and unique ideas for getting a political message across ever (newsflash: it wasn’t).

Critics, on the other hand, were understandably not impressed, like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Donald Trump, Jr, both of who noted the double standards displayed by the so-called “Squad” leader for showing up to a ritzy $30,000/person event and mingling with some of the world’s richest and most famous people while not wearing a mask (though the hired help at the event were spotted wearing masks, of course, because the rules are only for the little people). Others hilariously pointed out how AOC’s dress reminded them of a Chick-fil-A bag.

Not surprisingly, AOC was clearly chomping at the bit to respond to those who she routinely calls her “haters” on the right. She took to Instagram earlier today and invoked the tiresome woman card in the process, causing cringe meters to explode:


“I and my body have been so heavily and relentlessly policed from all corners politically …”? LMAO. Seriously?

Let’s break down her cringeworthy response just to demonstrate the absolute absurdity and stupidity of it all.

First things first, she chose to wear a dress with a political message. Not only that, but she chose the message to be on the back of the dress and not the front, so obviously her, um, assets were going to be on display as she made sure to do in pictures and video.

That said, AOC could have just as well worn a Kentucky Derby-style fancy hat with a political message, or put the message on the front of her dress like model Cara Delevingne did, or carried a purse with a political message like woke soccer star Megan Rapinoe did and she would have received exactly the same criticism over her hypocritical message.

Further, had a male Democrat politician done the same thing he would have gotten similar responses. It was just a dumb thing to do, considering where she was and the lame excuse-making she put out there in the immediate aftermath, laughably making it sound as though she had little choice but to attend considering how “NYC elected officials are regularly invited to and attend the Met due to our responsibilities in overseeing our city’s cultural institutions that serve the public.”


The backlash over AOC’s dress had nothing to do with the fact that she was a woman, nor was her body the focal point of 99.9% of the criticism. Her pretending to be a victim of the patriarchy or whatever here was pretty pathetic even for her, but considering her wacko explanation behind using the term “menstruating people” to describe women, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised to see her in the innocent damsel in distress role we see supposed “feminists” play far too often.

Final point:

‘Nuff said.

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