Adam Schiff Withers When Pressed on the Steele Dossier, Mumbles Something About an ‘Erection’

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

I have a feeling Morgan Ortagus isn’t going to be invited back to guest host on The View again.

The former spokesperson for the US State Department appeared today with Adam Schiff and pressed the Democrat congressman on his repeated claims involving the now infamous (and proven false) Steele Dossier.


RedState has previously reported on John Durham’s investigation revealing new evidence of how the Hillary Clinton campaign sourced the dossier with false claims through a Russian actor named Igor Danchenko. The latter is now under indictment and the investigation does not appear to be nearing its completion

When Ortagus asked Schiff about his promotion of the dossier and the ridiculous House “investigation” he chaired into supposed Trump-Russia collusion, things did not go well for the Democrat. He withered, having no answer, and course, offering no apology for his damaging behavior.

No, that’s not how any of this works, at least not how any of it should have worked. You do not just start House investigations into wild allegations that have no evidentiary backing. Schiff did so for purely political reasons despite the fact that the Steele Dossier represented a major red flag from the first moment it was leaked. Further, anyone who didn’t see the dossier was disinformation by mid-2017 is either incompetent or kept it going via pure malice. You can probably check the box for both when dealing with Schiff.


Ortega didn’t stop there, though. When Schiff tried to double down on Trump’s “misconduct,” she hit him directly on his personal credibility.

And that’s the biggest point here. No one who was pushing the Steele Dossier as late as 2019 deserves to be taken seriously. Schiff did so, despite evidence to the contrary, because he felt he could affect a presidential election by doing so. In the end, he likely to did to some extent, and that’s a shame. It smacks of Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes and feeling no remorse over it.

Lastly, for a little comic relief, Schiff managed to mumble something about an “erection.”


You can tell Schiff really takes the whole “insurrection” narrative seriously by the fact that he can’t even say the right word, and this is the second time he’s done that.

Regardless, Ortega did an excellent job of putting Schiff back on his heels. This is a man whose excuses simply don’t wash, and if there’s any justice, this won’t be the last word on his involvement with the Steel Dossier. At the very least, we can hope the voters in his district (which was recently held by a Republican) boot him from office.


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