George Orwell's '1984' May Be Getting a Feminist Spin-off, Flying in the Face of Orwell's Message

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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Feminism is beneficial.

One of the most important literary works in the western world is George Orwell’s 1984, which serves as a warning against totalitarian governments just as much as it does a gripping story. It was a story inspired by Orwell’s knowledge of Communist Russia and Nazi Germany, both governments which ruled over their people with an iron fist, killed millions both within and without their borders, and created a horror that hopefully won’t be forgotten for generations to come.


And according to Bounding Into Comics, Orwell’s estate has signed off on a feminist retelling of the story, this time from the perspective of the book’s female lead, Julia:

Penned by author Sandra Newman, the aptly titled Julia will explore the events of 1984 through the eponymous character’s female perspective, who, as noted by the book’s publisher, Granta, understands the world of Oceania “far better than Winston and is essentially happy with her life.”

“She has known no other world and, until she meets Winston, never imagined one,” said a Granta spokesperson to The Guardian. “She’s opportunistic, believing in nothing and caring not at all about politics. She routinely breaks the rules but also collaborates with the regime whenever necessary.”

Why is this a problem?

Within this story of “1984” is the warning of mind control. Each citizen of this dystopian London, where the story takes place, it’s constantly bombarded with propagandistic messaging from “The Party” that must be believed or else. In fact, one of the main villains confesses to the protagonist that what “The Party” is really after is total control over the thoughts of its citizens. To agree that “2+2=5” if “The Party” says it does.

If you’ve never read or even heard of Orwell’s novel, you may have some alarm bells ringing in your head, as you may have found some of its elements highly recognizable in today’s society. Today’s social justice obsessed left is much like “The Party.” They want total control of what you see and think and will cancel whoever they deem as a threat. Woke culture has completely taken over our stage and screen, and our online discourse is constantly being policed by entities in Silicon Valley who practice extreme prejudice against loyal Americans and total bias for woke mobs and hard-leftists on a daily basis.


While woke culture is often a descriptor for social justice advocacy, it is a catch-all phrase that covers many different groups that fall under the hard-left political philosophy. Among these is feminism, which is arguably the largest social justice group within woke culture.

You can see this in the way the mainstream culture treats women vs. men. Women are portrayed as infallible creatures who are just as strong and talented (if not more so) than men. Men are often portrayed as lesser beings who always fail to get the better of their female counterparts, and if they aren’t flat-out evil, then they’re idiots or extremely deferential to the heroine.

In our culture, women are simultaneously victims and warriors. They slay, they’re fierce, they’re powerful, but they’re subjugated by the white patriarchy that must be smashed at all costs. This is where feminism comes in.

Feminism has strict beliefs that cannot be disagreed with lest you suffer for your disagreement. A man can find his life destroyed, his job lost, marriage ruined, etc. by the mere accusation of wrongdoing by a woman, as in this post #MeToo era, women are to be believed before any proof is even brought forward.

It’s not just women who suffer from feminism, however. Women must shake off the shackles of femininity in order to embrace feminism and fully reject their nature of being caring, maternal figures. They must embrace power which means pushing away dependence on men to the point of deriding them completely. Having children is slavery and abortion is empowerment.


Fighting the patriarchy is peace. Freedom to choose domestication is slavery. Ignorance about femininity is strength.

Feminism is beneficial.

It seems awfully backward to make feminism a central heroic idea in the midst of a novel like “1984” because, looking at the ideologies objectively, there’s not much difference between modern feminism and “The Party.”


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