The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Has Given Us a Very Good Look at Our Enemies

Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is very, very interesting. If you were to line up a hundred people and ask what the trial was really about, you’d probably get a hundred different answers. Some will say the trial is really about how our society looks at self-defense, while others would say it’s about the murder of innocents.

Those latter folks are entirely wrong and it’s pretty obvious.

For me, I do find the trial a highly important commentary about how we treat citizens who defend themselves with the most effective means possible. I want Rittenhouse to come out of this smelling like a rose. I want people to see that it is okay to wield a firearm in self-defense and that a solid knowledge of gun laws is important whenever you walk into danger holding one.

A lot is being made about whether Rittenhouse should have walked into danger holding a gun in the first place. Would I want my son to do such a thing? Of course not, but that said if my son had chosen to do such a thing I’d want him armed with both a gun and knowledge about it…and I would admire and be proud of his bravery.

Many would disagree with me here, including on the right, but I feel Americans walking to dangerous situations for the sake of doing good and armed with a reliable iron is sorely lacking nowadays. I have to wonder how much violence and destruction would have been avoided over the course of the last decade if men and women were willing to defend themselves and their property with the best tools possible and under full compliance with the law and safety precautions. It’s not lost on me that as America continues to pile on more and more laws for this or that, our country has become even more lawless.

Sometimes, it’s the citizen that has to keep the peace. The government is not a reliable local protector and you’re the first and best line of defense against trouble. Our founders knew that which is why they made ownership of firearms second on the list of things God gave us the right to have.

To be clear, I do not believe it’s right to carry a gun into a domestic warzone with the intent of seeking trouble and hoping to do violence, but that doesn’t seem to be what Rittenhouse did according to all the evidence. That said, I’m not too trusting of anyone who sees this conclusion and thinks that Rittenhouse and what he did are bad. From where I’m sitting, killing two people who tried to attack him and shooting a third who advanced on him with a firearm is right. Self-defense is a good thing.

People who disagree with this simple concept are, in my eyes, the enemy of good. Through their position, they’re advocating that people who attack others that disagree with them with violence are heroes. They believe that hurting others, including innocents, is fine if they’re being hurt in the name of the right politics. That Rittenhouse was carrying a gun doesn’t detract from his lack of innocence. Being armed and prepared to deal with violence, and being armed with the intent to do violence illegally are two wholly different things.

These enemies of good only made themselves more known as the trial went on. As I’ve been covering, these people are willing to call these criminals heroes despite one of them being a confirmed child rapist. The other, as I reported today, was discovered to be a habitual criminal with his crimes spanning more than a decade, including physical assault against his grandmother. Mentioning these things about these people is considered “hate talk” according to one protester.

So let’s pull back and take a look at what this trial has taught us about our enemies.

They believe we must sit back and let them do violence on us and destroy our things without defending ourselves. They believe that our right to utilize the best means of defense possible against them is villainous and that we are the villains for doing so. They believe that even the most horrific crimes in our society are excusable if the people doing it are activists in the name of the right politics and that we shouldn’t even speak of their past crimes and the kind of people they are, because doing so is hateful.

There is a lot of ignorance floating around about this trial and that’s thanks mainly to our mainstream media painting this trial in a false light for narrative purposes, but there are those out there who know full well what the situation is, they know who Rittenhouse killed, and they don’t care.

While it’d be unfair to paint the entirety of the left with a broad brush, there are many who are openly siding with evil in the purest form of the word.


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