Nurse Films Herself Being Escorted Out of Hospital She Worked Through Pandemic In Over Vaccination Status

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

A California nurse filmed herself being escorted out of the Kaiser Permanente hospital over not getting the vaccine due to her religious beliefs around the COVID-19 vaccine.


As reported by the Washington Examiner, the video went viral with over 130k likes as of this writing. The nurse explains to the camera that she asked why she was being kicked out even after she said that her religious beliefs stopped her from getting the vaccine and why this wasn’t a good enough reason to be exempt.

“I am being escorted out of Kaiser Permanente hospital for my religious beliefs because I don’t want to get the jab,” she said. “And I asked all day for someone to explain to me why my sincerely held religious beliefs are not good enough for Kaiser, and no one was able to do that for me.”

She said that several nurses were standing with her in solidarity and asked that the viewers also consider losing things in the name of their own freedom.


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The nurse made a follow-up video immediately afterward noting that freedom matters to her and thanked Kaiser for the money, noting that the hospital pays well, but that the devil is in the details.

“All I want to do is work. Since the beginning, I’ve been a COVID nurse — since the beginning, when we didn’t know what was going on, when we didn’t know what kind of rooms we were walking into,” she said. “But that’s what we do. We’re nurses, and I’ll keep doing that — just somewhere else.”


“I am willing to lose my safety and security, my house, everything, for my freedom, and I want you to think about that,” the nurse urged.


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The Washington Examiner received a statement from Kaiser Permanente that claimed they respected the religious beliefs of their employees but that in reviewing the exemption requests, many were taken word-for-word from free and paid templated online forms:

“In reviewing exemption requests, we noticed that many employees submitted similar or nearly identical requests containing language taken word-for-word from free and paid templated online forms. These developments made it necessary for us to take another look at our exemption review process and reexamine many religious exemption submissions. We will continue to work with employees who are seeking exemptions for legitimate medical and religious reasons. We hope none of our employees will choose to leave their jobs rather than be vaccinated.

Okay. So what?

Did the hospital need personalized essays? Why is a religious exemption request accepted or dismissed based on its similarity to other people who are also requesting religious exemptions? This isn’t a school test where one student could get in trouble for copying off of another. There’s no plagiarism rule here. It’s a request for a religious exemption to a vaccine meant to help with a virus that has a 99 percent survival rate.


Kaiser went on to explain why this nurse, in particular, failed to gain her exemption:

“In the instance of this employee, she was informed that she needed to speak with Human Resources about her exemption request, not her manager or the facility leadership. This is part of our process, designed to protect our employees’ privacy and confidentiality. All information about exemption requests are treated as confidential personnel information. If our employee in this case had connected with HR, she could have asked questions and been provided information about next steps for addressing the vaccination requirement. We will work with her to address her concerns, and will continue to work with other employees who are seeking exemptions for legitimate medical and religious reasons.

If the nurse failed to go through the proper channels in time to be exempted according to company policy then fine, but it sounds to me as if she did based on the first paragraph. The claim was that many employees submitted requests that were effectively copies of each other. Why bring that up in regards to the inquiry about this nurse first if she hadn’t? Did she hand it to her superior when she was supposed to hand it to HR? If that’s the case, why didn’t her superior hand it to HR if her superior took it?


Questions hang in the air, but there is one question that should reign above all the others.

We already have a shortage of medical professionals in the medical field. Why are we making it even worse with these vaccine mandates, especially as COVID cases are once again plummeting?



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