Rand Paul Brutalizes HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra During Hearing Over Insulting Americans and Pushing Bad Science

Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times via AP, Pool

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul does not play around when it comes to government asserting control over the people of the United States, especially when it claims to “follow the science” when the only science it seems to care about is whatever it can use to fit its doomsday COVID-19 narrative. If you’re a big government stooge, sitting down in front of Paul during a hearing is not something you want.


But that’s exactly where President Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra, found himself during a Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) hearing. Sure enough, Paul seemed pretty furious with Becerra — and it’s no wonder why.

Becerra seems to think it’s “absolutely the government’s business” to know your vaccination status and wishes to send people door to door in order to advocate for people getting the vaccine. What’s more, he called those who don’t wish to get the vaccine “flat-earthers” and blamed these people for holding back the nation on vaccine rates, despite the science showing explicitly that those with antibodies are just as protected, if not more so, from the COVID-19 virus.

Paul started off by asking Becerra if he had seen the Israeli study that showed vaccinated people are seven times more likely to get infected by COVID-19 than those who had gotten through the disease naturally. Becerra said he wasn’t familiar with it and would have to get back to Paul, but Paul seemed to anticipate that Becerra hadn’t seen it — because he already had his response well in hand, and it wasn’t pretty.

“Well, you think you might want to be if you’re gonna travel the country insulting the millions of Americans, including NBA star Johnathan Isaac who’ve had COVID, recovered,” said Paul. “Look at a study with 2.5 million people and say ‘you know what? Look like my immunity is as good as the vaccine or not. Maybe in a free country, I ought to be able to make that decision.”


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“Instead, you’ve chosen to travel the country calling people like Johnathan Isaac, and others, myself included, flat-earthers,” continued Paul. “We find that very insulting. It goes against the science.”

Paul proceeded to ask Becerra if he was a medical doctor.

“I have worked over 30 years on health policy-” began Becerra, but Paul cut him off.

“So you’re not a medical doctor. Do you have a science degree?” Paul asked.

Becerra answered in the negative, and Paul reiterated that despite this, he travels the country insulting people who have had COVID, researched the studies on the virus, and found their own immunity to the virus sufficient without the vaccine. He put Becerra on the spot for telling these Americans who have looked at the science that they have no right to determine their own medical care.

“You alone are on high and you’ve made these decisions, a lawyer with no scientific background, no medical degree…this is an arrogance coupled with an authoritarianism that is unseemly and un-American,” said Paul. “You sir, are the one ignoring the science. The vast preponderance of scientific studies, dozens and dozens, show robust, long-lasting immunity after infection.”


Paul said Becerra should apologize to the American people for his insult, and for treating us as dumb peasants. He then asked if he would apologize to us right then and there. Becerra assured that the HHS only follows the facts, but said nothing toward an apology.

Paul still wasn’t having it and reiterated Becerra’s refusal to look at the actual science, and even going against it, alongside trying to exert overt authoritarianism.


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