Pfizer CEO: Life Can Return To Normal in a Year but Only if You’re Vaccinated

Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla has some good news. You can get back to living a normal life in about a year, but only if you inject his product into your veins.


Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Bourla was asked to comment on what Moderna’s CEO said the previous week about the pandemic ending in a year. He couldn’t help but agree.

“I agree that, within a year, I think we will be able to come back to normal life,” Bourla said. “I don’t think this means that variants will not continue coming, and I don’t think this means that we should be able to live our lives … without having vaccinations.”

Bourla did predict, however, that new variants will continue to emerge, but don’t worry, he’ll have the vaccines you need to inject into yourself to keep you safe and you’ll be able to inject yourself yearly.

“I think the most likely scenario is annual vaccinations. But we don’t know, really. We need to wait,” he added.


This echo’s Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel, who said that enough doses should be available by the middle of next year “so that everyone on Earth can be vaccinated.” He also said that he should have a vaccine ready for infants soon. This includes booster shots.

The only issue with all of this is that the pandemic is effectively over and has been for months. It’s now become a seasonal sickness like the flu. Moreover, the virus has effectively been watering itself down as is the nature of a virus. While the Delta variant caused causes to skyrocket due to the virus mutating itself to become more transmissible, far fewer hospitalizations happened because it became far less deadly.

Moreover, we learned that the vaccine doesn’t stop one from actually getting the virus. Being vaccinated doesn’t mean anything except that you might have a lighter time with the sickness.

If you really want proof that the pandemic is over, though, look no further than how leaders and celebrities act when they either think the cameras aren’t on, or they just don’t care what you think. Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and more have all been caught not wearing their masks and literally putting them on only when they know a camera will be rolling. Celebrities can hang out at award shows and gala’s without masks and not bat an eye in shame as they tell you how important it is to wear one wherever you go.


They say it’s Republicans that aren’t taking the virus seriously, but the truth is likely the opposite. Republicans are taking the virus seriously by paying attention to numbers, patterns, and science. It’s the left who isn’t taking it seriously.

In fact, increasingly one has to wonder how they can push these vaccines as they continue to ignore their own rules. If one had to guess, someone is getting paid handsomely for pushing these injections on people, and I don’t mean big pharma. It would appear that big government and big pharma are turning into a very serious bedfellows.



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