The Photos That Confirm Democrats Don't Buy Their Own COVID-19 Scaremongering

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Democrats have been telling us the sky is falling when it comes to COVID-19 for months and months, all the while locking down their respective jurisdictions and imposing mandates that defy everything from your rights to common sense.


They’ve done everything from issue unconstitutional and unenforceable mandates on private citizens to vaccinate their employees, to order that any persons in the House must have their mask on at all times while on-premises. Both orders were met with the proper amount of resistance, but these orders underscore their desire for you to take the virus seriously…because someone has to.

It certainly isn’t them.

Democrats have shown time and again that they don’t really buy their own scaremongering when it comes to COVID-19. Whether it’s showing up at the French Laundry after locking your state down as Gavin Newsom did, telling people to stay home while at your vacation condo in Mexico as Austin Mayor Steve Adler did, it’s clear leaders on the left aren’t actually as afraid as they say you should be.

And now we have one more piece of proof that they not only don’t care, but that their raging hypocrisy is apparent and they hardly try to hide it.

Below are two photos, both of which were taken at the Congressional Remembrance Ceremony honoring the lost during 9/11. The top photo is taken when the cameras were off and they thought no one was watching. The bottom photo was taken when the cameras were on.

Spot the difference.

For a bunch of people who are taking this virus super-seriously, they sure don’t seem to care about wearing masks until they’re seen by others. They’re not really showing too much care. No social distancing, as everyone is right in the faces of everyone else. It’s almost like a normal day.


It’s because, outside of the cause for the memorial, it is a normal day. There’s not really that great of a threat hanging over our heads — and Democrats know it. They just want you to think that the cause behind their reasons for their power overreaches is legitimate. So they put on a performance for you and stop acting when the curtain comes back down.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. Not masking up when they think the cameras are all off is seen continuously from Democrats.

Take AOC, for instance, who was chatting it up with a group of people, only putting her mask on when the cameras began to roll.

Biden himself ordered masks be worn on federal property at all times, but this rule must not apply to him as he’s been caught repeatedly without his mask on. Moreover, he pulled his mask down during a 9/11 memorial service to yell at some people.

These are liars with agendas to push. Push back.


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