It's Your Values or Theirs for Your Children

AP Photo/David Goldman

There are no doubts about it. The left has plans for your kids and the majority of them involve turning them into good little activists and future voters for the left and the Democrat party. The problem has gotten so out of control that the left has attempted to secretly indoctrinate children with anti-capitalist and critical race theory-based curriculum without the knowledge of parents. It’s a strategy that they would have gotten away with too if it wasn’t for those pesky conservatives.

(Undercover Footage: Pro-Antifa Teacher Admits to Scaring and Guilting Kids Into Being Communists)

The left is convinced that they need to do this in order to rescue the country, and possibly even humanity, from the clutches of podunk Americans clinging to their God and guns. They believe we’re moving the country backward while they are true progressives attempting to steer humanity into a golden age where there is no racism, sexism, fascism, or Donald Trump.

They are, as usual, insanely mistaken.

They’re forcing your children — and you if they can — to view the world through racial lenses, and are teaching everyone that there is original sin, it’s just held by white people for the sin of something white people today had nothing to do with. Their intention is to upend the capitalist system that has lifted innumerable people out of poverty, provided the greatest technological advancements the world has ever seen and offered more medical breakthroughs than many people didn’t think possible. They want to replace it with an oppressive, highly fascistic system that has proven to stunt the growth of humanity and kill millions through starvation, torture, and murder.

Moreover, they wish to replace God with what they feel is a far more reliable and fair entity…themselves. They wish to be the base for which we define moral behavior and conduct society. Moreover, they wish to be the source from which all rights derive.

The danger in this is massive. Humans are fallible, changeable, and subject to baser instincts, tribalism, and greed. God does not suffer these setbacks. Moreover, bringing the giver of rights from an unreachable and immovable God down to Earth allows them to be molested at the will of the mob.

It’s funny that these people on the hard left believe that our God-fearing and subsequent traditional values are dangerous and that we’re the ones “brainwashing” our children when we teach them our ways, yet it’s these God-fearing traditions that built modern society. Despite the lies they tell, America is still the most advanced when it comes to society, freedom, and community. Western values still prove to be better for humanity than all others. These injections of “social justice” and “Democratic Socialism” are all intrusions from lesser cultures into ours.

What’s more, these are not progressive values in any capacity. The old way is filled with oligarchies, monarchies, despotism, and overarching rulers. The constitutional republic, individualism, and capitalism are the most recent of inventions. These things are the true progress made through human trial and error. The only “traditional” thing about them is that these values are what founded this country.

It’s imperative to instill these traditional values into your children and carry forward the progress of humanity. At some point, we’ll advance beyond even capitalism and constitutional republics into something even greater than we haven’t even conceived of yet, but we won’t get there if we allow those who would drive us back into the dark ages to stop “brainwashing” our kids.

If we don’t instill our children with our values, they will instill them with theirs, and we’ve seen where they want to take us.


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