Politico Unintentionally Lets on How Dangerous the Republican Party Is Right Now

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The Republican party has so much momentum right now, and while some of that has something to do with an election that never quite felt right and the ending of a presidency that others felt was just getting started, a lot of the credit for this kinetic energy on the right comes from the fact that the left can’t help but push more people that way.

One issue, in particular, that has Republicans arriving in droves to do battle is the attack on their children. Critical Race Theory leaped off the pages of Tumblr and made its way into the wider world with concepts such as “America is a racist country and always has been” and “white people bear the original sin of racism.” It also teaches minority students that they’re victims, and it doesn’t matter where they came from, what their lives are like, or how successful their families are. If their melanin level is a bit higher than others, they qualify for victim status.

As RedState has covered repeatedly, parents of all races have shown up to schools ready for a fight over it. The hubris level on the left must be high indeed if they thought they were going to waltz into places where Americans entrust their children to be taught important things only to turn around and teach them racist philosophies and anti-American sentiment.

The left should be worried. It actually takes quite a bit to anger Americans so severely that they’d come out in droves across the nation to slap down and remove those who would threaten their freedoms and way of life. Americans are usually slow to act and will debate endlessly before action is taken. Here, they didn’t really debate much. They showed up and they keep showing up, rooting out this communist filth wherever they find it.

Keep in mind, what I just talked about were Americans in general, not necessarily Republicans.

But this is definitely something Republicans are going to benefit from. Democrats and leftists, in general, approve of CRT-based education and Americans are recognizing which party keeps opening the door to let this kind of extremism in. It’s not a good look for Democrats who can’t now separate themselves from the extremists in their own party. What’s more, Republicans and conservatives are the one’s signal boosting these parents who speak out at school board and PTA meetings in favor of driving out the racists from amongst their children.

Politico, in particular, couldn’t help notice this trend and penned an article warning its readers that Republicans are viewing these parents going on the offensive as potential candidates in the coming elections:

The movement has the potential to build a stronger GOP as once-uninvolved conservative candidates flood local government and party races, seeking a platform to fight critical race theory, student mask requirements and other culture war issues centered on kids. While such elections are often nonpartisan, the Republican Party sees a rich opportunity to build a pipeline of new political candidates.

“The interest, the enthusiasm, is extraordinary,” said Pam Kirby, who runs “school board boot camps” for the Arizona GOP.

Even though most Arizona school board races are not for at least a year, she’s already started offering a new round of her classes because of demand. More than 200 people have completed the program, and 80 more are on the waitlist. Conservatives from Oregon, Texas, New York, Indiana and other states have asked her to run similar programs for them, she said.

About 25 percent of people from the classes actually go on to run, while others will instead join their local GOP operations, often as precinct committee members. Kirby estimates more than 1,500 committee members have been appointed in Maricopa County since February.

“It’s unheard of,” Kirby said. “It’s off the charts.”

If the level of energy for actually getting involved to the point of running is this high, then the Democrats are, once again, facing the consequences of their own actions in a big way.

But an interesting fact that may be missed out on is the fact that Politico just highlighted how powerful the Republican party is right now and how weak the left is when it comes to battling it.

Republicans have no delusions about how important eliminating CRT is from schools, but Republicans have so much momentum that they’re looking at it as a training ground. The radical left, which typically operates in the shadows, becomes something of a play-thing to the right when it’s discovered.

There’s something to be said about the true strength of a party that is pretty much undefeatable when Americans are rallied to act. It proves that the left is actually not the threat it poses itself to be and is only effective in the absence of action by good people.

Despite what Democrats like to bill themselves as the Republican party is the true party of the people and it’s clear that the silent majority we talk so much about leans to the right. It just takes the right issue to make them loud. The left just so happened to find it, and they’re going to pay for it.


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