Journo Can’t Figure out Why Democrats Fail to Reach Latin Voters, but the Answer Is in Her Own Tone-Deaf Tweet

Latin and Hispanic voters are heading to the right side of the aisle at an increasingly alarming rate for Democrats, and the Party’s army of loyal journalists can’t figure out why.


LA Times writer and consummate non-gendered language fan Jean Guerrero decided to take to Twitter to ask what’s going on in the open, and remarked that the situation is “really, really bad.”

“Democratic outreach to Latino voters on the California recall election is not working. I’ve been speaking to young Latinxs and almost none of them have any idea what is going on. This is really, really bad,” she tweeted.

Guerrero, perhaps without meaning to, asked the question with the answer embedded within. The reasons why Latin peoples are walking away from the Democrat party are many, but it can be boiled down to one very simple explanation.

The left isn’t listening to them.

Case in point, Guerrero referred to the Latin population as “Latinxs,” a phrase they’ve made very clear they do not like on multiple occasions. Just last August, I wrote an article detailing a poll from Gallup that only five percent of Latin Americans like the term “Latinx.” That’s only a three-point rise from the last time they were asked that question in March of 2020.


They don’t like it, yet Democrats and leftists continue to try to force this socio-political labeling on them, thinking they’re being respectful as they do it. They’re not. They don’t want it. They’ve made that clear. Democrats still use it.

It also doesn’t help that Democrats continue to look down on Latin voters that aren’t useful to them. For instance, as the Cuban protests against socialism and communism got into full swing, the Biden administration decided that then was the time to get tough on something they’ve been irresponsibly lax about; illegal immigration. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in no uncertain terms that if anyone from Cuba tried to seek asylum in the U.S. they would be denied entry. This was said as migrants continued to stream across our southern border like water from a broken dam.

Why? Because Cubans were known to become Republican voters once they became citizens and the last thing the Democrats needed was for Latin people who know what socialism actually does to countries to come and fight against it here in the states. It’s hard to control people who are done being controlled, and it’s hard to lie to people who know what a lie looks like.


(READ: Biden Administration Finally Gets Tough On Illegal Immigration…Against Cubans)

So, if you’re of Latin origin at all, you’re good with the Democrats so long as you’re useful and it gives great insight as to where the Democrat Party’s priorities actually lay.

The bottom line is that Democrats aren’t reaching Latin voters because they can’t. Their principles are diametrically opposed to one another and recent events are highlighting the divide that rests between the people and the party. Democrats won’t listen to the warnings and the rejections from the Latin people because they’re highly inconvenient to the Democrat Party’s agenda as it stands, be it economic policies or socio-political ones.

I hope Guerrero, and the left in general, find this useful.


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