Wikipedia's Own Co-Founder Warns His Site Is Compromised by Leftists and Can't Be Trusted

For years, Wikipedia has been a source of quick and dirty knowledge about any given subject under the sun, but over time it’s become a leftist propaganda site where reality is whatever the leftist volunteers editing the site want it to be.


This isn’t just an opinion. This is coming straight from the mouth of Wikipedia’s own co-creator who is now sounding the alarm on the fact that his own site is now compromised by uncompromising leftists who are erasing anything and altering everything that is inconvenient to the left’s narrative.

According to the Daily Mail, Wikipedia co-creator Larry Sanger appeared on the “UnHeard” podcast to discuss the site’s descent from a crowdsourced online encyclopedia to a leftist propaganda site:

Larry Sanger, 53, co-founded Wikipedia in 2001 alongside Jimmy Wales, said the crowdsourcing project has betrayed its original mission by reflecting the views of the ‘establishment.’

He said he agreed with the assessment that ‘teams of Democratic-leaning volunteers’ remove content that isn’t to their liking, including information about scandals linked to President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

When asked by if Wikipedia can be trusted, he replied: ‘You can trust it to give a reliably establishment point of view on pretty much everything.

Sanger talked, in particular, about Joe Biden’s entry which has been altered to be a sterile and entirely leftist view of Biden, including no GOP-esque perspectives:

‘The Biden article, if you look at it, has very little by way of the concerns that Republicans have had about him,’ Sanger said.

‘So if you want to have anything remotely resembling the Republican point of view about Biden, you’re not going to get it from the article.

‘And there is a paragraph – and it is quite a long article so there should be at least a paragraph – about the Ukraine scandal.

‘Very little of that can be found in Wikipedia.’

Sanger added: ‘What little can be found is extremely biased and reads like a defense counsel’s brief, really.’


Indeed, the Wikipedia entry on Biden even has defensive language in favor of Biden and offensive language against Donald Trump with a passage that reads, in part, “Trump and his allies falsely accused Biden of getting the Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin fired because he was supposedly pursuing an investigation into Burisma Holdings, which employed Hunter Biden.”

Sanger pointed out to UnHeard that there’s absolutely no mention of Hunter Biden’s $600,000 annual salary for serving on the board of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

This could be fixed by other volunteers but the website no longer allows for that to happen.

“There are a lot of people who would be highly motivated to go in and make the article more politically neutral but they’re not allowed to,” Sanger said.

“It’s quite remarkable considering that the neutrality policy is still in place,” he added.

Wikipedia’s leftist takeover has been in the works for years. One of its foremost editors and eight-year Wikipedia veteran, TD Adler, was banned from the site after contention over the Wikipedia page for GamerGate reached its zenith. GamerGate was an attempt by the extreme leftist gaming press to define the gaming community and corrupt gaming journalism to the point where it could influence the creation of video games.

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A consumer revolt from gamers of all stripes took the center stage culturally, and the Wikipedia entry surrounding it was under constant attack by the left in an attempt to control the narrative surrounding the event. Adler was one of its defenders and was eventually forced out for his efforts by Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee.

While many would consider Wikipedia a site worth writing off, it should be noted that much of the western world still gets its information from this site on any given subject when it needs it quick. Leftist control of this site could be catastrophic as it would allow the left to have free reign on narrative creation on pretty much any historical event.


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