The World for You Is Not the World for Them

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely and while there are varying degrees of corruption, at some level, power affects someone for the worst. Perhaps long ago, before the age of the internet or even handheld cameras, this was less obvious, but in the information age when everyone is a walking-talking recording device, pictures are taken and distributed around the world in a matter of seconds, and these pictures show you just how corrupted these powerful people are.

One of the worst sins world leaders commit is the life they live vs. the life they try to make you live, and that was on full display at the G7 Summit, where leaders from the U.S., France, Canada, Germany, and more got together to gladhand each other and agree to do things we didn’t agree to as a nation.

Perhaps more egregiously, they treat the people back home as if they’re stupid and put on a performative act to make people think that they’re living the way they’ve been instructing us to live. Due to the Coronavirus, they’ve been pushing the idea that we need to social distance, refrain from shaking hands, wear masks, and generally do all the things they forced us to do by law during a lockdown.

When official portraits were done, and the cameras were thought to be off, the leaders did what they do and proceeded to behave as normal humans would. They walked side by side, put arms around each other, and took off their masks.

Once again we’re confronted with an obvious truth. The life they live is different from the life they want you to live. It’s their privilege to do as they please as, since in their minds they make the rules, they can create an entirely different set of rules for themselves, which are hardly any.

This is infuriating by itself, but why it’s even more infuriating here than it is in any other time is because it proves that our leaders don’t take the virus seriously at all, and never actually did. It was an easy way to get you to obey, capitulate, and live in fear of something that they said you’d be safe from if you just did what they told you. Even as I write this, many people still believe this lie.

It’s not just these leaders, it’s been leaders doing this even since the height of the pandemic. Newsom was famously caught at the French Laundry not long after locking everyone else down.

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was also caught disobeying her own orders.

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The Austin Mayor was caught disobeying his own advice while he was giving the advice.

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Remember when Nancy Pelosi was caught at a hair salon while she was advocating that everyone stay shut down and staying home? She can’t even obey her own rules while she’s on the House floor.

How many people lost their jobs? How many people fell into debt, depression, or worse because people like Pelosi, or Newsom, or any of these world leaders gave them a set of rules that they knew were superfluous? Why should we trust anything they have to say? Why should we respect any authority they may have?

Maybe in other countries, they have the authority to get away with this kind of tyranny, but not in our country. In our country, we have a thing about bucking authority and bringing down those who abuse it with the power we secured for ourselves by the very grace of God, from which our authority derives.

These corrupt animals in suits need to be removed from office and written down in the history books as a perfect example of how corruption can make you into a monster.


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