Gretchen Whitmer Sneaks off to Florida to Visit Her Dad, Ignoring Her Own Suggestion

You will keep hearing the phrase “Rules for thee, not for me” in regards to how the officials in Michigan are acting with COVID-19. The Governor and her staff keep telling everyone how to act but they seem to not want to follow their own guidelines.


Recently, it was revealed that the head of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Elizabeth Hertel, vacationed in Alabama while not being fully vaccinated. Her department is the one that is currently slapping sanctions on Michigan businesses for not complying with a myriad of COVID orders. This was also after the Governor’s vaccine rollout chief, Tricia Foster, took a time-out in sunny Florida during spring break.

Now we know why these officials felt they could skip town and blow off the Governor’s pleadings to stay home and stay safe or something like that.

The Guv. visited Florida last month and she was not vaccinated.

Earlier this evening, reporter Charlie LeDuff posted on his Facebook account that he was awaiting a response from the Governor’s office if she had also traveled to Florida recently. LeDuff is the reporter I wrote about last month who is suing the Whitmer administration for the data on nursing homes during the COVID pandemic over the past year. Pulitzer Winning Journalist Announces COVID Death Count Lawsuit Against Michigan Governor.

Now comes word that Gretchen ignored her own pleas to not travel to states that were “open” like Florida and Texas and went ahead to visit her Dad.


The finger-wagging and the pleas of “We care more for your family than you” need to stop. Michigan is now officially the COVID hot spot in the country and people have to sue to get the science and data that our ‘leaders’ are allegedly using to make all these decisions.

Last year, the Governors’s husband ignored orders not to travel to go up to the family cottage to take care of some leaves and also tried to get their boat dropped into the water a bit early. That was pretty embarrassing.

Now, she went to Florida to see Dad while pleading with all of us not to see family members all last year being it could kill them. She is getting 90% of her pay while killing others’ paychecks and doing it in the name of some sort of compassion that is about as logical as getting vaccinated and then wearing two masks.

Michigan is not being led by its leaders, it is being dragged to the bottom of one of our Great Lakes and it needs to stop.


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