Vox Lists Why Anti-Semitic Attacks Are on the Rise and Guess What, It's Your Fault

Vox Lists Why Anti-Semitic Attacks Are on the Rise and Guess What, It's Your Fault
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The pattern with the American leftist media when it comes to Israel is pretty apparent at this point. A group in Gaza launches rockets at Israeli citizens, the iron dome shoots them down, Israel retaliates by bombing the locations they know Hamas are stationed at, and the civilians and children that inevitably die (because the terrorists are using them as human shields and even invite them to kill them) become ammunition for the American left to use in their anti-Israel narrative.

In a previous article, I detailed how the pattern of violence between Israel’s war with Hamas is good business for the left.

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The leftist media, in particular, fuels these anti-Israel fires with the help of elected politicians, and before you know it, you have a fertile seedbed for anti-semitic rage which then leads to anti-semitic action. You need not look too far at who is feeling the rage. Everyone from Palestinians to your average white leftist with a chip on their shoulder on Twitter voices unfiltered anti-Israeli opinions.

Yet, true to form, the left wants none of the blame for pushing this anti-semitic feeling through the U.S. population. It’s not quite ready to boldly declare that its anti-semitic stances are actually anti-semitic, it’ll just sit quietly as leftist leaders like Louis Farrakhan and Patrisse Cullors say the quiets parts very, very loudly.

Vox decided to boldly declare that while anti-semitic attacks were indeed on the rise, it couldn’t quite pin down why and openly said the reason is unknown right below the article title. It does take some guesses, however, and wouldn’t you know it, the problem isn’t them, it’s you:

A second theory is that what we’re seeing right now is, more than anything else, a reflection of an upswing in anti-Semitism that began during the Trump campaign and presidency.

There is little doubt that anti-Semitic sentiment in America began spiking in 2016. The ADL and other data sources suggest a surge beginning then, most commonly linked to the alt-right’s rise on Trump’s coattails, and continuing for the next four years. The violence has been severe.

In October 2018, a far-right gunman killed 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh — the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in US history. In April 2019, another anti-Semitic shooter targeted the Chabad synagogue in Poway, California, killing one. In December 2019, amid a wave of assaults targeting visibly Jewish men in Brooklyn, a man wielding a machete attacked a Hanukkah party in the New York suburbs, killing one and injuring four.

In a 2021 paper, scholars Eitan Hersh and Laura Royden tried to isolate what kinds of people, exactly, were attracted to anti-Semitic ideas in modern America. They found that three groups — white conservatives, Black Americans, and Latinos — were disproportionately likely to agree with anti-Semitic statements like “Jews have too much power in America.” Among Black and Latino people, those who self-identified as conservative politically were also more likely to display anti-Semitic attitudes. Anti-Semitism was generally higher among younger Americans than older ones.

In short, Trump-supporting conservatives likely have a hand in this and they use previous attacks on Jewish people to back it up. What they leave out is that the Tree of Life synagogue shooter in Pittsburg what wildly anti-Trump, something the media avoided while attempting to put it at Trump’s feet. The same could be said about the Chabad synagogue shooter. The man who attacked Jewish people with a machete was a “black Hebrew Israelite,” an anti-semitic group that has no love for anyone but black people that agree with them and nowhere near conservative.

To go on to say that conservatives are more likely to make anti-semitic statements and post a study that backs this up seems suspect when we can see right before our very eyes and hear with our own ears the constant antisemitic behaviors exhibited by leftists, be they blue checks on Twitter or media-beloved members of “The Squad.” When Hamas was bombing Israel, I saw leftists referring to Israel as an apartheid state and that Hamas was only doing the right thing against the Israeli oppressors.

So it’s not the right elevating the anti-Semitic issue in this nation, it’s definitely, absolutely the left that is by and large attempting to distance itself from any blame for what it’s caused.

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