Watch: Pro-Palestinian 'Protesters' Beat a Jewish Man, Sexually Assault a Woman in Unbelievable Scene

AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

Things are out of control across the world, as the weird alliance between Marxists and pro-Islamists continues to foment. The current “protest” movement we are seeing stems from Israel having the gall to defend itself, as Hamas terrorists fire thousands of rockets indiscriminately at civilian areas. Meanwhile, the Jewish state gets lambasted for evacuating a building before blowing it up, because everything is stupid.


A new video out of Canada shows how wild things are getting. It shows Palestinian “protesters” flying the Palestinian flag and beating an elderly Jewish man. Another woman was sexually assaulted as well, according to the account she gave the photographer.

Anti-Semitism is out of control right now, and it’s not just in Canada and Europe. We’ve seen similar scenes play out in America, and we’ve certainly heard rabidly anti-Semitic rhetoric coming from various Democrat officials over the past week. Obviously, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the worst, continually offering rhetoric that would see Israel wiped off the face of the map. But their “squad” mate isn’t holding back, either.

Yesterday, AOC declared Israel an “apartheid” state, another anti-Semitic smear that assumes that only the Jews have no right to defend themselves and run their country in a way that ensures their security (you know, like every other democratic country on the planet).


In reality, Israel is 20% Arab, and they serve in every facet of government. That is, by no definition, an apartheid state. The Palestinians have their own government that runs Gaza. Israel does not have occupying forces there. None of these facts matter to these far-left Marxists who see everything through the prism of intersectionality, though.

This has to stop, but there’s no end in sight. Things are going to get much worse from here, because Palestinian terrorism has been absorbed into our current woke culture. Most of the same people who march with BLM and Antifa are stalwart anti-Semites who want to see Israel destroyed. It’s that simple.


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