Watch: Gazan Man Openly Invites IDF to Kill His Children After IDF Warns Him of Oncoming Attack

Just to give you an idea of what Israel is dealing with and why those cheering on Hamas are on the side of absolute evil, I submit to you the following video.

In an attempt to minimize civilian casualties in its ongoing war with terrorists, Israel warns Gazan citizens where they’re going to strike next. The Israeli Defense Force phoned one man in an effort to have him evacuate him and his family before they bombed a Hamas target.


IDF is heard pleading with the man to evacuate so that he and his children don’t die, but the Gazan made it clear that he wants him and his children to die so that it can be used against Israel:

Gazan man: You want to bomb? Bomb whatever you want.

IDF: No, brother. We need to do everything we can so you don’t die.

Gazan man: We want to die.

IDF: But you have a responsibility for children’s lives.

Gazan man: If the children need to die then they’ll die.

IDF: God forbid. God forbid. What do you want? To die?

Gazan man: This is how we reveal our cruelty.

Hamas tends to use children as human shields, not so that Israel will be reluctant to attack, but in hopes that Israel kills the children so that they have PR ammo against them. It’s these deaths that western media and politicians turn around and use to denounce Israel and push movements to defund the state through various means, including ceasing trade with them.

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To be sure, this is one of the most heinous war crimes one can commit but Hamas is getting so much support from their killed children, especially from the western left, that they will not stop anytime soon.

But this open truth should really put this war in perspective. While there is a lot of history with a lot of nuances involved, Israel is clearly the good guy here. Not only do they protect their own people, of which 20 percent is Muslim, they also attempt to protect Gazan civilians before their attacks. However, radicalism has infected Gaza and as a result, they hold up their own children to be killed as they launch attacks on innocent Israeli civilians behind them.

Israel is in a war with monsters.



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