WATCH: Despite Claims of 'Right-Winger,' the Synagogue Shooter was Anti-Trump

As covered earlier by RedState’s T.LaDuke, the shooter in the horrific attack at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue has been identified as 46-year-old Robert Bowers.


On a roll with implications of last week’s attempted mail bombings, surely, if possible, the Left will attempt to connect the suspected murderer of least 11 to some sort of pro-Trump ideology.

However, film director Robby Starbuck reportedly screencaptured Twitter and Gab posts from Bowers’s social media accounts before they were deleted, and they reveal quite the opposite.

Not only is Bowers rabidly anti-Jewish; he’s anti-Trump.

See below for yourself.


Find more of Bowers’s posts on this page.

What happened today is disgusting. A house of worship should be one of the safest places in America — in more ways than one: safe from the government, and safe from terrorism. Conservatives believe in safety on both counts; despite what some on the Left may say in reaction to this tragedy, the mainstream Right wants nothing to do with incivility, much less violence.

Let’s hope the authorities capture all involved, and that they are brought to swift and absolute justice — to the degree that justice can be served, in light of the innocent lives horribly and shamefully snuffed out by hatred and ignorance.


As for my headline: Of course, there are right-wingers who are anti-Trump; but as for the Left, when they point to an atrocity and call it right-wing, they’re looking squarely at the President. In this case, they need to look elsewhere.


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