CNN Disgustingly Makes Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting a Political Opportunity to Attack Trump

CNN is trying really hard to pin the horrific shooting of the Tree of Life Synagogue on the right, and specifically President Donald Trump.

Appearing on the network, Rabbi Jeffery Myers was interviewed by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota about the shooting. One of the first things Camerota asked was who Myers blames for this shooting other than the gunman.


“Do you blame anyone for what happened there at the Tree of Life beyond the gunman?” asked Camerota.

After a long pause, Myers shot down the idea that any one person is to blame.

“I don’t really foist any blame on any person,” answered Myers. “Hate does not know any religion, race, creed, political party – it’s not a political issue in any way, shape, or form.”

“Hate does not know any of those things. It exists in all people,” he added.

Camerota was not going to give up so easily and pressed Myers for a soundbite that would implicate anything associated with Trump as the reason the atrocity happened.

“But can hate be cultivated?” asked Camerota. “I mean, what we’re struggling with today is – maybe hate’s in all people, maybe it’s dormant. What lights the match of hate?”

Again, Myers disappointed Camerota by noting that God acknowledges that hate resides in all of us, but good will win out in the end if we let it in. He went on to tell Camerota that he’s seen so much good as a response to the atrocity his synagogue suffered, including messages from complete strangers of every religion reaching out and offering support.


Camerota dropped the issue for a moment, but later on, in the interview dropped all pretense and asked the Rabbi if he wanted Trump to come to the Synagogue.

“The President of the United States is always welcome,” replied Myers. “I’m a citizen, he’s my President. He’s certainly welcome.”

In one last attempt to get him to nail Trump, Camerota tried again by noting that anti-semitism has increased since 2015 (when Trump’s journey to the Oval Office began) and if Myers was afraid something like this was going to happen. Myers, of course, said he didn’t think it would and talked about how security at synagogues would have to look going forward.

Nothing that blasted Trump.

This is disgusting on two fronts.

Not only is CNN’s bias on full display here, which is bad enough, but CNN is attempting to use the tragic shooting of 11 people as a foothold for their political aims. That there is innocent blood on the ground isn’t a tragedy for CNN, it’s an opportunity.

It’s utterly disgusting to watch. While CNN has done a lot of gross things in its past, utilizing the victims of atrocious violence as a way to push the left’s political agenda has got to be one of the absolute worst. As families are struggling to cope with what happened and the nation is mourning, CNN is trying to make this political.


Death should not be political, and it’s sad that it continuously has to be due to the narratives being pushed by outlets like CNN.


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