The Military Isn't an Ad Space for Woke Politics, It's the Thing Keeping You Alive

The Military Isn't an Ad Space for Woke Politics, It's the Thing Keeping You Alive
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If you ran a business that required security due to the valuable nature of the product you sold or kept, you would want your security guards to be well trained, well-armed, and willing to do violence on your behalf at the drop of a hat. Let’s say that your business has been attacked before, and threats to attack it again are constantly being made. Your guards are the only thing stopping these attacks from happening thanks to their competency and dangerous nature.

What happens to your businesses if the guards you employed suddenly became uncaring slobs more concerned about complaining about the way you run your business? What happens when those guards begin focusing more on their identity than their jobs, or the reason they were in the job in the first place?

At this point, your security team doesn’t appear half as threatening and your enemies begin scheming over ways they can utilize your security team’s self-obsession and lack of fighting spirit against them. Before you know it, one of your enemies goes on the attack and the devastating consequences result in your losing everything.

Now extrapolate that scenario to a national level and you have the current situation with America and its military.

There are a lot of brave men and women who serve in the armed forces who are more than willing to lay down their lives for their country but not before taking a few of the other bastards with them first. They’re strong, honed, trained, and dangerous.

But as I showed not long ago, and my colleague Bonchie wrote on as well, the Biden administration seems to be more interested in turning our military into another arm political propaganda arm that promotes woke ideologies, critical race theory, and less than average warfighters. Case in point, watch the ad the military released that features lesbian moms, feminism, marching, and self-obsession.

It gets worse when you see the ads from our enemies for their militaries. Take this one from Russia, for instance.

Or this one from China.

There are two very large differences between our military’s ad and our enemy’s military ads.

The first is the obvious one. Our military is focusing on identity politics and hard-left causes as they bring in squishy, self-obsessed recruits with a need to spread their politics even further from within the military. Meanwhile, our enemies are focusing on raising up badass soldiers who are apex predators at the top of the food chain.

Who would win in a fight, I wonder.

The second difference is that our enemies make it very clear that this is a team game. Our enemies are flashing images of many soldiers surrounded by highly trained and organized soldiers in the same apex condition. They’re driven, strong, dangerous, patriotic, and ready to kill whoever their commanding officer so much as looks at funny.

Meanwhile, the American ad focuses on one person’s selfish desires. There’s no indication that our soldier is a part of a team. No indication that she’s fighting for anything greater than her own political causes. She’s the sole figure while in uniform and is only a part of a team when she’s instructing others in a classroom. There’s no patriotism in her, and she has no concern about actual strength, just “proving MY inner strength and shattering stereotypes along the way,” she says.

Again, I wonder who would win in a fight.

The inconvenient truth is very simple. They would win.

And at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters for a military. Who would win in a fight? If I put 100 woke American soldiers just in it to “prove their inner strength and shatter stereotypes” against 20 highly trained, highly organized, and very driven Chinese patriot soldiers, I’d probably put my money down on the team commie, and I don’t say that with any pleasure.

Maybe we’ve gotten too used to our military superiority and our technological advancements keeping our enemies in check. With a few presses of a button, we can light up someone’s world through a missile strike from a drone, piloted by a soldier in an air-conditioned room somewhere in Nevada. Maybe, we got too used to fighting 3rd world armies that don’t have half the technological power we do.

Rest assured, the day will come when our superiority will be challenged and we’ll find that we got passed up, and it’s not even close now. Our military will be so bogged down with hard-left politics that what good soldiers we have will be fighting with one hand tied behind their back while the rest of the military will be too incompetent or unwilling to do what’s necessary to protect our nation.

On that day, we’ll remember the point of a military. It’s to outmaneuver, outgun, endure more, kill and destroy. Its primary tool is violence and its secondary weapon is fear. When a nation’s military arrives, its opposition should feel it in their spines. A frightening military wins battles of the mind before it even steps one boot onto the warzone.

A military filled with woke activists will inspire no such fear. Their shouts and accusations of racism, sexism, or whatever their hot topic is won’t stop an enemy soldier bent on destroying you and your way of life. You’ve effectively brought a picket sign to a gunfight.

The bottom line is that our military as the left would like it to be will not keep us alive and free. Our enemies will steamroll over these self-absorbed pretenders in military garb and once they get through them, it’s on to you. Our best bet is to pump the breaks and return to making sure there’s no confusion about what the military is and what it’s for. Focus, not on the individual, but the team, the nation, and let them know what we’re up against.

We can’t let our military become one more institution that falls to the hard-left rot that kills everything it touches.

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