Compare the New Woke U.S. Army Ad to a Russian Army Ad and Pray for the West

It’s a really bad sign when the military force we rely on to protect our nation focuses less on being an effective warfighting organization and more on being another woke group that focuses on mainstream political messaging. It gets even worse when you compare it to the way our enemies are viewing their own military as the former and not the latter.

Case in point, the left in America has infiltrated and introduced its rot to the U.S. military, and you can now see the infection in its recruitment ads. Gone is the idea that the U.S. needs strong, tough, reliable men to fill its ranks in order to stand against the very real threats the world presents us. Now we have Saturday morning cartoons telling us stories about feminists raised by lesbian mothers and encouraging them to bring that woke spirit into the military.

Watch this new ad from the U.S. Army and try not to feel a deep sense of despair about the future of our nation.

Now compare that to this Russian Army recruitment ad that features the military as it should be featured, as a masculine, strong, driven, and dutiful organization that you don’t want to meet in the field.

If you had to put woke G.I. Jane up against Sergei the Soldier, who do you think would win? Who do you think would bring the attitude, professionalism, and skill to win a battle?

In our first-world comfort, we’ve forgotten what the primary use of a military is for. Yes, it’s a multi-purpose organization with many talents, but its primary purpose is warfighting. Its primary trade is the ability to deal death be it finessing a single target with precision and speed or leveling an entire city if necessary. When confronted in the field, the military’s job is to eliminate its opposition without mercy and with such efficiency and strength that our enemies are horrified by the idea of confronting us again.

We’ve gotten too used to pushing buttons in air-conditioned rooms and watching something blow up on a screen. The safety that deadlier men have afforded us in the past has made us so soft that now our military is pushing the idea that it’s more important to be inclusive and politically correct.

Meanwhile, our enemies have no compunction to make a soft military that focuses more on social justice and modern western politics. It wants patriots willing to kill their country’s enemies and dominate any battlefield with strength and brutality. It doesn’t waste time attempting to appeal to people who are in it for anything else. It knows what it is and what it’s for. It strives to be the best at war, not the best at political correctness.

If I was a Russian, I’d be looking at our military and laughing. I’d be talking about the ease with which I’d be steamrolling over the U.S. army now filled with people who are more likely to break out a feelings session than focus on winning battles and doing what’s necessary to defeat the enemy.

And they would be right to do so.

Our U.S. military may be technologically superior but what good is a gun if the person behind it doesn’t have the wherewithal to pull the trigger when it needs to be pulled? If this rot spreads any further, what kind of military presence will we have on the world stage even with all our advanced tech? How long will our tech be advanced for if our military devolves into a political organization that focuses more on spreading mainstream ideological nonsense and not on winning wars?

The strength and wellbeing of the western world are reliant on the U.S. military. If that falls internally, the west falls externally.

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